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The Teeshaker


You know the feeling. It's your honour, you step up to smoke one miles down the middle, 460cc driver in hand, reach nonchalently in your pocket for a long tee and then... nothing! Just a dirty old coin for a ballmarker and a short, splintered white tee you use on the par threes.

Remaining cool, you amble over to your bag and rummage. Still nothing. You begin to scan the teeing area for lost pegs, then search the longer grass round the tee when that proves fruitless. Seeing the four behind you coming onto the green, your partner enquires, "Lost something?" To which you sheepishly reply, "Could I borrow a tee?"

All pretence of cool now gone, when you finally drive it's a massive top that fails to pass the ladies' tee, bringing cries of "Jug of beer!" and other more lewd suggestions from your group. You mutter excuses about "Not the right tee height" as you hang your head in shame.


Well, you need fear no more. The Teeshaker is here to save you. But we'll let the makers explain exactly how it does it.

"This time-saving gadget hangs from your golf bag and "shakes" tees into a handy pullout position from the bottom. The dispenser holds up to 18 tees and eliminates the need to continually search your pocket or bag - allowing you to spend more time enjoying your game."

So now you know why you haven't been enjoying your golf lately. You've been spending too much time rummaging in your pocket and bag for tee pegs, instead of smelling the flowers!

Facetiousness aside, this is actually an excellent product. Fun, neat and tidy, it makes an inexpensive little gift for corporate promotion, society days out, Christmas stocking filler or Mother and Father's Day present. I just wish they wouldn't try and kid us it's a time saver - this is not the solution to four and half hour rounds.


The Teeshaker comes in two sizes: Standard, holding up to 18 tees as long as 2¾ inches, and Large, holding 18 longer tees or two golf balls. It is made of durable, scratch-proof plastic and will last for years. There is a choice of five colours (red, burgundy, green, royal and teal ) in addition to basic black, white or transparent. Numerous permutations of barrel, cap and cord colour can be accommodated.

For longevity, this is a much more cost effective promotional item than a sleeve of golf balls, although the makers do supply the Large version with two balls, which can be replaced with tees once they have flown off to the great shag bag in the sky. (Ah yes, we forgot to mention, the Teeshaker is refillable through a single hole in the top.)

Individual buyers will find the Teeshaker on the shelf at £7, but pricing for bulk orders (25 or more units) can be found on the company website, along with all the details about customisation, artwork requirements and so on.

That's it, no more excuses. Get yourself a Teeshaker, get out on the course and enjoy your game. Oh, and don't forget to smell the flowers. Must do something with all that time you've saved.

Clive Carpenter
June 2006

For full information about The Teeshaker, visit www.teeshaker.co.uk


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