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Staygripped Ltd

Address Staygripped Ltd
Unit 1A, Stoke Gardens, Slough, Berks
SL1 3QB England
Telephone +44 (0) 1753 552813
Fax +44 (0) 1753 579743
Website www.staygripped.com
Email info@staygripped.com
Description The Staygripped product range has been developed from the basic principle that the grip is the single most important aspect of a golfer’s swing. Placing the hands correctly on the grip is only part of the problem; thereafter, the golfer needs to grip the club tightly enough such that his/her hands do not slip during the swing, but not so tightly that all ‘feel’ and control is lost. The Staygripped Training Aid is the solution to this problem: the Velcro grip and gloves ensure that, having firstly gripped the club correctly, the golfer’s grip will remain intact throughout the golf swing.
The Staygripped Training Aid • A pair of golf gloves, left and right handed, with strategically positioned Velcro pads fitted to the parts of the glove which are in contact with the club
• A 7 iron golf club is provided with a specially fitted velcro grip
• An instruction leaflet.


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