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June 22, 2011

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Sunshine and showers in Surrey...
Well, it’s been a busy week for me so far competing for the Surrey Ladies in South Region County Match Week at Camberley Heath. Our fortunes have been mixed – some fantastic play and two narrow defeats 5-4 to Sussex and Hampshire, with matches that could easily have gone either way – but that’s golf for you. With the sunshine and showers we’ve been experiencing there’s been plenty of opportunity to test some great new products out, a few of which I’ll talk about below.

The Surrey Ladies team enjoying a cocktail or two on their night off!
The Surrey Ladies team enjoying a cocktail or two on their night off!

Playing in a team has reminded me what a fantastic sport golf is for camaraderie and friendship. Have you got your own team tales to tell? Drop me a line – I’d love to hear your stories, and I’ll publish a few of the best!

Tried & tested: Chic sunglasses for the summer
When the sun finally started shining yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to test some stylish new sunglasses from Silhouette.

Silhouette SunglassesThe Softtouch range of Silhouette sunglasses are unique because they have the lightest frames in the world - they are so light, in fact, you hardly even notice you’re wearing them – which is ideal for golf.

The frames are made using Flexi Titan that means they wrap easily around your head and are super comfortable, which instantly got the thumbs up from me.

Most importantly the lenses are packed with a technology called IQ Pol that provides 34 SPF eye protection, essential for the golfer out on the course for the typical four hour round, as they eliminate sun reflections through a 12 layer shield.

The biggest attraction for me is that I actually look stylish wearing these on the golf course, unlike the traditional sports wrap around style glasses that are usually sold in pro shops!

The Silhouette Softtouch sunglasses cost £170. For more information visit or for stockists call 0208 987 8899.

Tried & tested: Wired energy bars
If you’re like me and start to flag on the final few holes of a long round of golf then these new energy bars could hold the key to finishing your round with a boost.

Wired energy barsThey’re appropriately called Wired and believe you me after a munching your way through this giant oat-based bar you certainly feel ready for a full 18 again!

The concept behind the Wired bar is to provide an edible alternative to the energy drinks that are readily available in our pro shops. As such the Wired bar has been made with products that provide a slow release of energy. The bars contain Caffeine and Taurine for that energy kick, with the added bonus of oats, enabling a longer-lasting energy fix.

The Wired bars have a delicious yoghurt berry flavour coating that makes them even more yummy and moreish! One word of warning though, don’t eat too many, you might be counting the calories!

Each Wired bar costs around £1.20 and will be stocked in most good pro shops. For more information visit


Big Max Smart Cart IQ trolley
First came the three-wheel car, and then followed three-wheeled prams, and now there’s even a three-wheeled golf trolley…

OK so technically, the new Big Max Smart Cart isn’t the first of its kind. It’s actually the second generation of an extremely successful three-wheeled trolley, and it’s called IQ.

As with its predecessor, the design of the Smart Cart is based on the combination of its ease of use and incredibly small folded size – small enough to fit comfortably in any car boot. The front wheel folds away and a clever ‘one shake’ folding opening mechanism means the trolley opens up to full size in seconds.

Big Max Smart Cart

The best part is the manoeuvrability. The IQ glides along the fairways and feels incredibly stable. Plus it even has a handbrake so that if you stop on the side of a slope it won’t run away.

In my opinion it’s the well-thought out added extras that set this apart from other push trolleys. The IQ has an organiser panel with a scorecard holder, bottle holder, tee and pencil holder, a ball marker, storage compartment and even a pencil sharpener.

It’s available in a choice of white, black, red and silver priced at £199.99 with a 5-year warranty. For more information visit

Fashion pick of the week - FootJoy Women’s Wind Vest
This stylish wind vest is perfect for a cool summer’s evening on the course. It’s designed to offer excellent warmth for the body’s core, while offering unrivalled freedom of movement throughout the swing.

FootJoy Women's Wind Vest

The FootJoy Wind Vest is made from a stretchable and waterproof soft-shell fabric and has an ultra-suede lined collar for added comfort. There’s also an inside wind flap for enhanced wind protection. A contoured waist band and longer back design ensures that the Wind Vest doesn’t get in the way when you swing.

The FootJoy Wind Vest is available in a selection of colours and sizes XS-XL, priced at £50. For information visit; 01480 301114.


Want to book a golfing trip of a lifetime for the girls?
If you and your girlfriends are looking for a fun, sociable and exciting golf holiday abroad and are willing to splash out a few extra pennies to get there then The Grand Del Mar golf resort in Southern California is a must-visit.

Despite only being open four years The Grand Del Mar in San Diego California has been widely recognised as one of the best golf destinations in the USA. This lavish five-star hotel has an amazing spa, plus fine wine and dining to die for. Oh... and Phil Mickelson makes this his home course which means that the golf’s awesome as well!

What’s even better is that throughout the summer The Grand Golf Performance Academy at The Grand Del Mar is holding a series of ‘Ladies Only Golf & Wine Experiences.’ For just $40 (around £30) you will be treated to 90 minutes of first-class short game and full swing instruction at the golf academy. Then as a special treat after your lesson the resort’s award-winning wine director Jesse Rodriguez will give you some clever tips about how to pair wine and food – all user-friendly and highly quaffable. So after you’ve learned the secrets to a perfect swing you can go and enjoy sipping some perfectly paired wines!

The Ladies Only Golf & Wine Experience is open to golfers of all standards and can be booked by visiting


Jaclyn SweeneyThe Henderson Rookies ‘Tips from the Tour’
Three lucky LET rookies have been sponsored by Henderson Global Investors this year.

In the third week of our series of tips from the Ladies European Tour talented American Jaclyn Sweeney shows you three simple drills she uses on the practice ground to help straighten her natural slice shot shape (left-to-right).

What causes a slice?
Nearly all slicers have the same tendency as me – their upper body and arms get ahead of the lower body turn, bringing the club down to strike the ball on a steep path cutting across the target line to the left.

Slicing - the fault

The simple solution is to work on getting your upper and lower body turn in sync so that the arms work closer to the body and in front of you.

I use these three drills to help me get that sensation...

Drill 1: Pump and hit
Swing to the top of your backswing and then pause for a second or two then pump the arms down so that the club reaches the halfway down position, level with your hips, with your right elbow tucked nice and close to your body. Your left arm will be straight and notice how it is parallel to my target line below. Pump down three times from the top to get a feel for this correct move and then on the third pump let the club continue to free flow through and hit.

Jaclyn Sweeney - Curing the slice Jaclyn Sweeney - Curing the slice
Curing the slice - Drill 1: Pump and hit

Drill 2: Left foot forward
As I’ve already said, slicers will tend to hit down steeply as they strike into the ball, approaching impact from above the target line and cutting across to the left. This drill is a simple way to encourage the club to do the opposite and attack the ball from an inside path to the target line (close to your shoes). Address the ball and then take a step back with your right foot. This will pull your right shoulder back. Now make a slightly shorter, controlled swing. With your right foot back your body will be forced to swing the club on a path that approaches the ball from just inside the target line. Feel how strong your left side stays – this is a really powerful impact position – then left the forearms rotate through so that the club releases and watch as the ball sails right-to-left in the air!

Jaclyn Sweeney - Curing the slice Jaclyn Sweeney - Curing the slice
Jaclyn Sweeney - Curing the slice Jaclyn Sweeney - Curing the slice
Curing the slice - Drill 2: Left foot forward

Drill 3: Step up and plant
This final drill acts as a trigger to get the club approaching the ball on that inside the target line path. Address the ball with your stance square to the target line, then make a full backswing, and as you start your downswing I want you to lift your left foot up into the air. Then, as the arms drop down close to the body, let the foot plant on the ground again. This will prevent your lower body getting ahead of the upper body and keep your hips square to the target as your arms drop down. Once again let the forearms rotate and the shot will draw.

Jaclyn Sweeney - Curing the slice Jaclyn Sweeney - Curing the slice
Curing the slice - Drill 3: Step up and plant

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