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February 28, 2012

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Celebrations for worthy award winners...

I was delighted to see four ladies feature in the line-up of prize winners at the 2012 Volunteer of the Year awards presented by the England Golf Partnership last week.

A big congratulation goes out to Shenal Patel of Surrey, Sally Benn of Derbyshire, Carol Delf of Norfolk and Jenny Clink of Gloucestershire (along with their fellow male compatriots also picking up awards). The ladies have worked tirelessly and voluntarily in their respective counties to help grow the game and ensure that girls and ladies are playing and enjoying the game more with their encouragement.

A special mention must go to Jenny Clink (pictured far left) who collected the 'Services to Golf Lifetime Achievement' award. Jenny has been involved in golf at all levels from encouraging new golfers to captaining elite players as Gloucestershire's county captain and president. She's past chairman of the English Ladies' Golf Association, was manager of three successful England teams at the girls' Home Internationals, and as England captain, won two ladies' Home Internationals and two bronze medals in European team championships. She is also a sought-after referee.

"Having played golf for almost all of my life I have been very happy to 'give back' time to the game, and it has more than repaid me," said Jenny. "I have also been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and I have never learned to say 'No'!"

The national volunteering programme is delivered via the England Golf Partnership's 'Whole Sport Plan' for golf and is an integral part of the England Golf Partnership's vision to 'Grow the Game'. For more information on how to volunteer visit:


LET Access Series expands

The LET Access Series, the official feeder tour to the Ladies European Tour, will break new ground when the inaugural Ladies Norwegian Challenge takes place at Losby Golf and Country Club near Oslo from July 4-6.

The stunning venue, situated just 20km east of the city centre, hosted the SAS Masters on the Ladies European Tour in 2007, won by Suzann Pettersen.

The tournament is expected to attract a strong field of entries, headed by the likes of home challenger Marianne Skarpnord, with a prize fund of €25,000 on offer to the 126 competitors.

The magnificent 18-hole championship golf course at Losby features large greens and a variety of water hazards, with several holes set amongst coniferous woodland terrain.

The Ladies Norwegian Challenge will be the sixth Access Series event on the 2012 schedule, taking place in a prime summer slot after the GolfStream Ladies Open in Ukraine and before the Women's Bank Open in Finland.

Diane Barnard, Tour Director, LET Access Series, said: "We are delighted to be staging the first LET Access Series event in Norway, this time at a golf course which some of the players will know well.

"Losby has proved a fantastic venue for golf and is sure to impress the players. The location is stunning and the course is sure to provide a stern test. We are all looking forward to a successful collaboration with the Norwegian Golf Federation.

"The achievements of World No.2 Suzann Pettersen and Marianne Skarpnord will have no doubt inspired a new generation of players in Norway and we look forward to discovering new talent at the Ladies Norwegian Challenge this year."


AD333 gets a 'Yellow' makeover

Srixon has been the number one selling 2-piece ball brand in the UK market for the past 5 years and now the best ball just got more colourful!
The Srixon AD333 will be available in golf stores with immediate effect in Yellow as well as White and Orange with a recommended retail price of £26.99.

This introduction follows on from the success of the Z-STAR range of products that are available in both Pure White and Tour Yellow with yellow balls already notching up tour victories.

The new yellow version of the AD333 provides all the same benefits that have made the white version the UK's best-selling 2 piece ball, plus it's much easier to see.

Studies show that yellow is the most visible colour in the visual spectrum and in all tests taken at all distances, yellow was easier to see than white.

It is the same principle that saw yellow tennis balls take over from white 
in the 1990's. Try it for yourself!

Visit for more information

The ultimate trolley is now more affordable

If like me you love a bargain, you'll be pleased to hear of a heavily discounted, very desirable product hitting the market...

The super-sleek Stewart Golf F1 Lithium remote control trolley now has a new more affordable price tag of £1,499. OK so it's still pricey but it is £1000 cheaper than when it first launched in £2500 and that's thanks to the success of the British-made trolley, which has exceeded all sales expectations, allowing for a price reduction to appeal to a broader market.

A key feature of the F1 Lithium is its three part folding chassis. When folded this occupies one third of the floor space and 40% less overall volume than the companies best-selling X7 Lithium model. This allows it to fold small enough to fit in many small sports cars, including the famously impractical Porsche 911 which is featured in the video on the Stewart Golf website.

The F1 Lithium is unlike any other product on the market because the golf bag is an integral part of the structure of the machine, housing the handle of the trolley. The golf bag has been engineered to be totally rigid so it can support its own weight as well as the rigors of the golf course. There are now three designs of golf bag for the F1 of varying styles and sizes.

Stewart Golf MD Mark Stewart said, "We are really pleased that we have been able to bring the RRP of the F1 down to £1,499. Whilst it is still the most expensive trolley available in the UK, the typical F1 Lithium customer considers value rather than price. As the smallest folding remote trolley on the market, the F1 Lithium fulfils a need that no other trolley can."

Visit for more information

Time for a re-grip?

I'd be the first to admit that my grips are shamefully shiny at the moment. It's partly because I'm too lazy to take them into my Pro Shop to get a nice new tacky grip put on and partly because I've been holding off in hope of a new set of irons to hit this season.

I am however completely sold on the idea of having my current set re-gripped with the snazzy new Whiteout MultiCompound grip from Golf Pride. Not only does it look fantastic (white is the in colour after all) but its packed full of function too.

Whiteout adds a new white material to the upper hand area while high-performance rubber provides comfort and responsiveness to the lower hand. The added benefit of the cord material provides prevents your hands from slipping, giving improved traction even when wet.


Click on the 'Golden Balls' competition for a giggle!

To celebrate the launch of   its  new Facebook page, Druh Belts & Buckles is giving away eight Druh   Belts that have been exclusively signed by Druh brand ambassador   and golfing superstar,   Lee Westwood. 

For a chance to win one of these coveted prizes, all Druh fans need to do is 'Like' the new Druh page and enter the Golden Golf Ball competition. Any of the lucky ones who sink the Golden Golf Ball will be a winner. Those who don't win on   their first   attempt can   have another just   by sharing the competition with their friends, and come back for another shot.

Everyone who joins the world of Druh on Facebook will gain access to   special offers only open to Druh fans, competitions to win items from the ever-expanding Druh range and will be able to read exclusive insider blogs from   all   the major   golf tournaments in Europe as well as a number of events on the international stage.

Druh fans should head straight to , click 'Like', try their luck in the Golden Golf Ball competition and enter the world of Druh on Facebook.



By Dan Frost, PGA Professional, Frost Golf Academy, Surrey:

Instruction shot on location at Carton House, Ireland:

Fail to prepare? Prepare to fail. It's a strong statement and one I like to instil in my players. Nobody really wants to spend ages warming up before playing gofl but if you fail to warm up at all you are doing your body some serious harm. All you need is 5-10 minutes to prepare your body to swing the club with flow and a few simple stretches will do that. Added flexibility not only helps prevent injury but also helps the turning of the torso in the backswing.  This is the key element of the swing that produces power: a full balanced turn of the upper body, coupled with a lower body that resists this turn.  Young or old, beginner or expert, stretching will help you keep your athletic edge and give you the greatest chance of shooting low golf scores. Remember to perform each of the stretches slowly and to your own level, making sure that you never hold your breath.

Hamstring stretch
This stretch is the most commonly known but often neglected when it comes to golf. Tight hamstrings have a negative effect on our ability to maintain good angles when we swing the club. They also make it nearly impossible to keep grounded and balanced, therefore leading to inconsistency. Simply take a shoulder width stance with a club held in your fingertips. Now from an upright position tilt slowly forward towards the ground, ensuring that you inhale and exhale. The legs don't have to be completely straight; you can have a minimal flex at the knees. Hold for 15 seconds and then slowly return to standing.

Wrist/forearm stretch
Warming up the hands, wrists and forearms is key to creating control in rotation and hinge. It also encourages better feel and makes it easier to blend your golf swing with the turn of the big muscles. Hold two golf clubs together out in front of you, gripping the shaft six inches from the hosel. Now simply make clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations, keeping flow. Do this with the right and left arms. You will probably find one arm less well-coordinated than the other - perhaps something to work on?

Side stretch
In an effective golf swing the body will create side bend through the torso and hips. Therefore these all-important side muscles must be stretched. To do so position a golf club along your spine; holding at both ends. Gently tilt to either side with minimal hip movement. When you tilt to the left you should feel the stretch down the right side and vice versa. Hold for 15 seconds on each side.

Backswing stretch
This stretch will increase your torso mobility, improving your backswing turn and allowing the arms to support the club in the backswing. Place a rolled up towel across the top of your shoulders. Get into your golf posture and make your backswing turn loading your weight onto the right side. Try to get your left shoulder pointing slightly down and resist from the ground. Hold for 15 seconds. You should feel the resistance down your left side. Then repeat on the opposite side trying to keep the head central in the axis as you hold the throughswing turn. Once you have done this a few times start to add some flow.

Shoulder mobility stretch
This stretch is slightly more advanced but will improve your shoulder flexibility. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, grip a club at both ends behind you and tilt your body forwards as though you are trying to touch your toes. You can have a slight flex in your knees; simply raise your arms as far as you can up over your head. The best players in the world are all able to lift the club beyond their head, demonstrating exceptional flexibility. Make sure you attempt this stretch very slowly as it will feel unfamiliar and will take some getting used to.

Step drill
Once you have stretched out your golfing muscles, rather than going straight into hitting balls I would prefer you to start by hitting shots using this simple step drill. It will wake up your co-ordinations and natural athletic instincts, dramatically improving the sequence of your golf swing and stretching you to make better dynamic balance throughout the swing. Start with a narrow stance. Make a smooth and balanced backswing and then take a step towards your target to initiate the change of direction into your downswing. Free-flow into a finish facing the target.

Remember: Narrow, load, step and flow.

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