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The bac< Sacroiliac Belt: The belt that helps to banish back pain!
by Carly Frost
March 07, 2014

Proving popular with golfers, new support belt helps reduce and
prevent lateral lower back, hip and buttock pain

A new, lightweight belt designed by The London Spine Clinic to help
alleviate and prevent pain in the lateral lower back, hips and buttocks
is proving a big hit among golfers.

Mark Critchley, spokesman for said: "Although it can
affect anyone, we hear of many golfers experiencing lateral lower back
pain. This is typically due to the repeated twisting movement of the hips
as the golf club is swung, which can wear down and inflame the joints."
Worn around the hips and pelvis rather than the waist, the bacSacroiliac Belt (£34.99) targets pain below the belt (lateral lower back), which is usually caused by inflamed, worn or damaged facets joints in the spine or where the lumbar spine joins the pelvis - the sacroiliac joint.

Unlike other back supports that are worn around the waist, the bac< Sacroiliac Belt fits snugly around the hips, compressing the pelvis and
supporting ligaments that may have become loose or injured. By preventing excessive movement and supporting the lateral lower back, the bac< Sacroiliac Belt eases pain and helps hips regain their natural movement.

Mark continues: "We've been getting great feedback from golfers about our new Sacroiliac Belt, which helps compress and support the pelvis, and
therefore helps avoid painful inflammation."

Made in breathable fabric that draws away sweat from the body and with
heat-formed padding, the bac< Sacroiliac Belt is both lightweight and
comfortable. It is available in two sizes, small to medium and medium to
large, offering maximum support, but with minimal pressure on the pelvis.
The bac< Sacroiliac Belt is part of the new bac< range that also comprises a Back Massager, Shoulder Brace and Back Brace with Cool Pads. Developed in conjunction with back care experts from The London Spine Clinic and product industrial design experts from Seymourpowell , the range provides non-invasive, drug free, pain relief to the 16.5m people who suffer every year in the UK.

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