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Chip like a champion
by Carly Frost
September 26, 2013

With PGA Professional and Elite Golf Coach Dan Frost -

I hope you enjoyed the fun little chipping drill that my husband, leading golf coach Dan Frost, gave me to practice last week. As with all drills, you shouldn't keep using them week after week as you'll get bored of the practice, so this week he's given me a different chipping drill to keep my interest, which I hope will be fun for you all to practice. It's designed to improve chip shot precision and your technique.

All you have to do is address the golf ball and then place a golf ball either side of your wedge so that there is just a really small gap, no more than an inch or two either side of the clubhead. You can see this when you remove the wedge and look down at the three golf balls all in a line.

Now the aim of the challenge is to strike the middle ball without touching the outer two golf balls. It sounds very simple but in fact is quite challenging, especially if the direction of your stroke/swing isn't spot on. This will encourage you to get the club travelling through impact on a very straight path, which will ensure that the club strikes the ball square to the target line, sending it straight at the hole.

Practice this for five or 10 minutes and then take the extra balls away. I guarantee you'll be striking your chips more sweetly and with a much improved direction.

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