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Catriona Matthew backing "Extra 20 Yards"
October 12, 2010

Demand for The Extra 20 Yards® has grown from strength to strength since the product was launched just a few months ago. In that time orders have come from everyday golfers and Teaching Pros across Europe. But now, The Extra 20 Yards® has received the call up to the Tour from nothing short of a British Major Champion!

After trying the Extra 20 Yards® with her coach, Catriona Matthew , British Ladies Open Champion, was so impressed that she requested one for her own home. The Extra 20 Yards® is carefully designed to specifically increase strength in the correct muscles for golf and subsequently improve club head speed - facts that were immediately identified by Catriona, "My coach introduced me to The Extra 20 Yards, and I immediately saw how useful it would be. I got one within a few days! I am sure it will help me develop a stronger golf swing, hit the ball further and protect me against long term injuries".

Many other sports have equipment designed for training needs such as exercise bikes, rowing machines and treadmills. Now, golfers can enjoy the same training experience in their own home. The Extra 20 Yards ® combines weight training technology with a scientific understanding of the golf swing to create a piece of equipment that enables you to exercise all of your golfing muscles in one.

The golf swing is a unique movement so it requires a unique piece of equipment to help replicate that movement. Women will particularly benefit from these kind of exercise as Catriona explains, "I see lots of women golfers who have really good technique and swing mechanics, however many of them lack strength through the golf swing. This results in lower club head speed which means they do not hit the ball as far as they should. The Extra 20 Yards will help all Lady golfers develop that strength and help them to hit the ball further"

The Extra 20 Yards is a patented product, made to the by a leading manufacturer of gym equipment . Retailing at just £219 (plus VAT and P&P), the Extra 20 Yards® offers tremendous value. Less expensive than a gym membership or a premium driver and tailored specifically to the golf swing; if you are thinking of investing in extra distance, let us help to find the Extra 20 Yards® you already have.

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