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New custom fitting putter facility in the South East
December 16, 2010

The world's #1 custom-fit putter brand has appointed a new specialist in Essex, but not just anybody. The Hylands Golf Complex in Ingatestone near Chelmsford is home to Lee Porter the GCA Club maker of the Year. The partnership happens at a crucial time for both businesses, as well as for the golf industry in the UK...

According to Neil Cooke - Technical Director at Golfsmith Europe / GCA Europe - Lee Porter is likely among the top three master club makers in all of the EU, but he doesn't fit the mould of yer average PGA Pro .

Porter has been in the industry for over 25 years, cutting his teeth by making Persimmon woods from a raw block, while the intervening years saw him building Hylands into a golf club and coaching centre. Recently, though, he's seen the business of pro shop-type retailing as one of diminishing returns - both in terms of profits and professional satisfaction - and began a return to specialist club-making at its purest level.

"Technology has advanced so much since I was an apprentice that the levels of performance I was dreaming about then are now genuinely achievable," explains Porter. "Components are better, cheaper and easier to get hold of, while people's understanding of golf equipment performance has changed drastically in just the last few years as well.

"Altogether it means that custom-fitting is less 'frightening' and less costly than it was, say, 10 years ago. And golfers appreciate more and more just how important a part of their game putting is, I couldn't really see my business growing if I had to send customers somewhere else for superior putting technology and skills."

Porter now has a burgeoning reputation on Tour as he finds a following with up-and-coming players  who feel perhaps that the approach of a small,  independent clubmaker suits their needs more precisely than that of the big name club sponsors to whom they may have access.*

Since its first Major win with Retief Goosen at the US Open in 2001, Yes! Golf has made its C-Groove Putters one of the success stories of the PGA Tour. The putters found favour among the world's top golfers during a golden period when it never grew to be one tenth the size of some of its competitor manufacturers like Callaway (Odyssey), Titleist, TaylorMade and the like; and it was able to do so purely because the C-Grooves machined into the putter faces have proved to be one of the few genuine golf innovations of a generation and it still has no equal for putting early topspin on a rolling golf ball.

The company is comfortable too, in enjoying its position as the world's most knowledgeable and pioneering putter brand, without any other manufacturer seriously challenging this moniker since 1995. Their technical innovations include the C-Groove technology itself, ball roll analysis, interchangeable hosels and the Variable Shaft-weighting System (vSWS). From a business viewpoint, Yes! Golf was also the first company successfully to deliver Tour-standard putter technology and Tour-derived universal coaching methodology to aspiring club golfers worldwide.

Since Yes! Golf opened its first external custom-fitting centre in the UK in February 2007, there are now some 60 such facilities between Dublin and Dubai. But for golfers in this part of the southeast of England, it brings improved putting a great deal closer. In fact, looking eastwards, Lee Porter would not glimpse another Yes! Golf Putter Custom-fit Centre this side of the Netherlands.

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