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Harold Swash Putting reach agreement with DXP
March 17, 2011

Harold Swash Putting School of Excellence Ltd (HSPSE), the Leader in Putting Instruction on the European PGA Tour, today announced the company has reached an agreement with DXP Tech LLC, Garland, Tx,  a leader in golf tempo training aid development, to incorporate DXP Tech's technology into its international network of certified golf putting instructors and schools.

"We are excited to incorporate this technology into our ongoing work with European PGA Tour Pros as well as our amateurs in our putting instruction schools worldwide," said Phil Kenyon, Director of Instruction of HSPSE.  "We have been working with DXP Tech informally over the past two years, evaluating and providing feedback on their prototype tempo training aids and have now reached a point where we want to incorporate the technology into our schools worldwide. I believe these products will offer all of our golfers, both PGA Professionals and amateurs alike, technology that is unique in the golf market." 

DXP Tech's Puttronome™ Tones provide a golfer with an audio guide to putting dynamics.  The golfer listens to a selected tempo Puttronome™ Tone that matches his/her CoreTempo™ and putts while listening to the tone.  The Puttronome™ is now available as an iPhone® App in the iTunes® Store.  In addition to audio tones, the Puttronome™ App provides a visual putting "Bot" named "Puttman" who demonstrates accelerating putting strokes for short, medium, and long putts.  Unlike Metronomes which provide short audio cues or beeps for the start of the backswing and impact, or the start of the backswing, top of the backswing, and the finish of the followthrough, the Puttronome™ Tone provides a continous audio tone whose pitch is analogous to the position of the putter head throughout all phases of the putting stroke. 

DXP Tech's APS™ mathematical model is based on the patterns of hundreds of "real" putting strokes. Putting data, collected by Harold Swash Putting School using state-of-the-art analysis tools, revealed that, although they are similar in timing structure, a good putting stroke differs from a pendulum in respect to its acceleration characteristics.  Using the Puttronome™ App, golfers can ingrain a consistent putting stroke tempo and control their acceleration, which is critical to good distance control. 

DXP Tech's TempoStik™ provides golfers with a visual guide to putting stroke dynamics.  An array of 60 Leds light in sequence to show a golfer precise putterhead positions with respect to time to produce a desired target roll distance based on a selected tempo and green speed.  The TempoStik™ also makes use of the APS™ model to generate putting stroke dynamics.  With the TempoStik™, a golfer can be shown exactly where the putter should be versus time to strike a ball a specific distance for all length putts from 3 feet to over 40 feet.  In addition, the TempoStik™ GUI Software generates synchronized Puttronome™ tones so the golfer can "hear" the stroke as well as "see" the putting stroke.

"There is nothing on the market today that is anything like the TempoStik," says Kenyon enthusiastically. "I've tested them with great success with Tour professionals and amateurs alike. The Puttronome was actually used by two members of last year's European Ryder Cup team [Edoardo Molinari].

"At HSPSE we are excited at the prospect of using this technology in our teaching. With Puttronome Tones and the TempoStik we can effectively teach consistent putting stroke tempo through visual and audio means."   

Meanwhile, Dean McConnell of DXP Tech LLC commented: "I am pleased to be working with an organization with the stellar credentials that HSPSE has.  "Harold Swash is a legend in the golf industry and HSPSE's Director of Instruction, Phil Kenyon, who I've been working with recently, posseses a unique skill set from the perspective of being both a professional golfer and a scientifically trained technologist. These key attributes coupled with the meteoric rise of his European PGA Tour students in the World Rankings make Phil Kenyon one of the pre-eminent putting coaches in the world."

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