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Treat your own knees - Self help book released
June 10, 2011

Lotus Publishing today released Treat Your Own Knees: A Self-help Treatment Plan to Fully Rehabilitate 26 Common Knee Injuries and Conditions, by best-selling author Brad Walker. This easy-to-understand health & fitness book will help a whole range of people, including athletes, sports enthusiasts, and personal trainers, understand how and why knee injuries occur, and how best to overcome and rehabilitate these injuries. The book is packed with illustrations of the anatomy of the knee, rehabilitation exercises and as well as clear colour drawings of each of the 26 knee injuries covered.

Author and stretching/sports injury consultant, Brad Walker, said, "The prominence of knee references in the English language; knee jerk reaction, the bee's knees, knee deep; should be hint enough to the importance of the knee. The knee, at first sight, may appear to be a simple joint; however, it is actually quite complex. This complexity also makes the knee susceptible to many injuries. The knee is often overlooked until something goes wrong. Healthy knees are generally happy knees, and keeping the knees healthy is much better than trying to rehabilitate them after an injury ."

Treat Your Own Knees: A Self-help Treatment Plan to Fully Rehabilitate 26 Common Knees Injuries and Conditions , can be read cover-to-cover or can be dipped into to gain tips about knee injury prevention, first aid advice or specific rehabilitation exercises for a range of knee injuries. The book is split into three major sections: Knee Injury Diagnosis and Prevention, Knee Injury Management and Rehabilitation and Knee Injuries and Conditions.

Lotus Publishing spokesperson Jon Hutchings, said, "Talk to almost any sports enthusiast (and even many people who don't participate in sport) and you'll find a surprising number have had a problem with their knees at some point in their lives. This is the only book of its type on the market, which we found surprising due to the number of knee injuries suffered, and we're very excited at its release today. Whether you're a professional athlete, sports enthusiast, or simply suffer from knee problems, this book will not only offer an insight into what is causing you discomfort but also how you can go about rehabilitating of your own knees, or - even better - preventing these problems in the first place."

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