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Golfers lack drive for fitness
January 11, 2011

90% of weekend golfers skip their pre-course warm-up for an extra half hour in bed, according to leading PGA professional and golfing coach, Chris Purton.

Warm ups, such as stretching, rotations and practise swings, that professional golfers often spend up to 2 hours before a game implementing, are frequently missed by even the most experienced golfing hobbyists. This can lead to poor fitness, weaker muscles, and a reduced performance on the course.

To combat this lack of warm-up motivation, the first UK Yoga class specifically designed 'by Golfers - for Golfers,' launched as a DVD on Amazon early this year.

Go Kart Electric's 'Yoga for Golf' features professional Sampoorna yoga teacher Carol Jackson, who simplifies golf warm ups by fusing ancient practises with new innovative fitness techniques which help improve core stability, toning, rotation, precision and strength.

"When golfing warm ups are simple, practical and fun, players begin to look forward to their pre-game exercises," says Carol who trained with one the world's leading yoga masters, Yogi Hari. "Practising Yoga on a regular basis will tone and strengthen your body, improve flexibility and circulation, and will help you to perform at your best on the course."

A full preview of 'Yoga for Golf' is available online at and Carol's DVD is available through Amazon at .

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