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Five top tips for winter golf
September 29, 2012

Unknown to most non-golfers, playing the sport during winter periods can actually be immensely gratifying. There's nothing quite like strolling through a near deserted green on a crisp Sunday morning.

For those who are yet to enjoy their first winter season, here are a few pointers to keep your game and too your spirits in good condition:

Keep your balls warm:

Although this tip may sound generally absurd but keeping your golf balls warm before a round of golf will help your swing gain that extra little bit of yardage.

As cold golf balls are harder and therefore require more force in order to get them the distance that you need; placing them on a warm radiator will soften them up until you reach the first tee off.

Just remember to keep them warmed up in your pocket until you get there!

Over your club selection:

If you forget to warm your golf balls, along with the cold weather and wind, you will find your game becoming increasingly difficult as you play.

It is important therefore to over which clubs to use if you are in doubt about what will work.

For example don't try and blast the ball with a nine iron when a seven iron will do. This is especially important in winter when the weather will be windier which means a strong swing risks the ball getting caught in the wind and ballooning.

Do not clean your clubs with a wet towel:

Although cleaning your clubs with a moist towel will work great wonders in the heat of the summer, this will not be the case when the winter comes around.

If you do this you will risk your equipment frosting up and sticking together whilst you are on the green.

It is therefore advisable to purchase a nylon brush in which you can clip to your club bag.

This means that you can give your clubs a brisk sweep with the brush and save the towel treatment for when you get home; where it will be warmer and more the likely, where you will have more time on your hands.

Practice your grip at home

It is a well-known fact that a great swing starts foremost with a great grip. Indeed, for most of the golfers out there, they all started learning the neutral grip with difficulty.

If you're not quite up to the pro level you can even practice the grip whilst watching your favourite television programme; which is an excellent thing to do, especially in the winter.

Take a break during the adverts and get back onto it for when the programme starts; the great thing is that you won't think of this as golf practice as you'll be watching your favourite programme!

If you do this two or three times a week, you'll be more than ready for when the spring comes around!

Get the right clothing!

Quite an obvious one here, but everyone has seen (or has been) a golfer that just isn't prepared for the weather!

Waterproofs are a must, and unlike most jackets that you'll find in the world, golf jackets can be quite fashionable! Providing you with warmth, dryness and flexibility throughout your swing.

To couple with this, some solid golf shoes with spikes are a necessity. The ground can become increasingly slippery at this time of year, so why not prepare for winter with golf shoes from Direct Golf?

Under armour is another must throughout the winter period. Under Armour is a great new technology that is taking the United States by storm. Manufactured with new clothing technology the armour is skin tight and ventilated, meaning that in the winter the clothing will keep your warm whilst in the summer, cooling you down!

Great as underclothing this means that your muscles will remain warm during the match meaning that you are less likely to pull important muscles!

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