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Golf and poker go hand in hand

November 16, 2013

There has always been a direct correlation between poker and golf. Many professional poker players have expressed their love of playing and betting on the green as well on the tournament circuit and, it seems, professional golfers have also been known to swap their putts for cards.

It could be that with the rise of online casinos all over the world, and the fact that there is legal CA online poker to be found that many of the golfing stars, particularly in the US, have found an alternative to their lifelong love of golf.

Rocco Mediate

A big player in the PGA tournament circuit in the mid 2000s, Rocco Mediate found another game to play shortly after the 2005 US Open, where he took sixth place. He found himself hooked on online poker as a hobby and a way to pass the downtime when not playing golf.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated he said that he found himself turning to online poker when he had free time. He went on to play at the WSOP in 2006. On golf and poker he said: "In golf it's all about controlling your emotions. It's the same in cards. I play golf 100% by feel, no mechanics. No checklists. I don't know if this is good, but I play cards the same way. I know what I feel. The future will tell whether that's worth anything at all."

Dusty 'Leatherass' Schmidt

Also a former golfer turned pro online poker player, Schmidt was a highly ranked golfer in Southern California in his younger days.

By the age of 23 he was semi pro and extremely close to the PGA Tour. However, sudden ill health put paid to sport for a while, and during his recuperation, he discovered online poker.

He put in a lot of hours and won more than $3 million. Treating poker as seriously as he treated golf seems to have worked out for him as he has recorded some of the very highest winning hands in no-limits cash games.

After a few years, Schmidt returned to golf and created his Million Dollar Challenge where he challenged anyone in a competition that would combine poker and golf. He wanted to see whether anyone out there could combine the two better than he could.

These guys, among many others, prove the intriguing link between playing golf and playing poker - it seems that if you have the skills to excel at one of these sports then you have the skills to excel at both.

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