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Automated golf round data capture campaign in indiegogo

January 30, 2014

CaddieON is an incredibly innovative tool for all golfers looking to improve their game and to make it more interesting and fun than ever. CaddieON Inc. has now launched a funding campaign on the famous indiegogo crowd funding platform. The goal of the campaign is to raise at least $50 000 funding allowing company to start the production and speed up the development of iOS version to be able to release the product simultaneously with the Android platform. The target schedule is to start the production during the first quarter of 2014 and to deliver the first products to the campaign supporters in May.

The campaign starts January 7 th 2014. CaddieON offers many options for the support. The quickest to contribute get the CaddieON set for $279 - with a remarkable discount compared to the planned retail price. Golfers can get the set even with lower monetary contribution by helping to collect golf courses to the CaddieON system. All perks offered to the contributors can be seen from and

Tuomo Lalli , The CEO of CaddieON is a passionate golfer himself. He knows that CaddieON is the most knowledgeable caddie the modern golfer could hope for.

"This caddie memorizes your every shot - automatically. By using all your historical shot data CaddieON is able to help you choose the right golf club for every type of shot on every course you play. Not only that, you can also share your best shots with your friends in real time or compete with other players around the world", Lalli explains enthusiastically.

CaddieON personal caddie consists of small tags placed on the head of the grip of each club, the wrist device, the app in the player's smart phone and player portal in internet. The data from the round is sent from the smart phone to the cloud service. The system is easy for the player to use, but the development has taken a lot of effort. Key part of the product is the mathematical algorithm detecting the strokes form the data of the accelometer in the wrist device.

With CaddieON, player can plan their game on the course, collect shot-by-shot data and analyze the collected data afterwards. Tuomo Lalli emphasizes that the CaddieON concept is unique compared to the competitors in its ability to automate the data collection and distribution.

"The beauty of CaddieON lies in the ease of use. As a player I'm able to focus completely to the game and get all my game data without manual data entry or fiddling any device while I'm about the take my shot", tells Lalli.

CaddieON calculates player's strokes, records the club, location and distance of the stroke shot by shot. The smartphone app provides a rangefinder and satellite maps of the course, helping players on a strange course and allowing players to plan the game strategy.

"Golf is the best game in the world that I know. CaddieON makes it even more fun and social." Lalli concludes.

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