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8 best things to do when you lose a golf game

June 12, 2014

The best part of any game is winning. Winning gives an adrenaline rush, plus the feeling of emerging out as a champ at what you love is what every sportsmen look forward to. However, not all is hunky dory in the field of sports, as losing is also part and parcel of the game. When it comes to golf, it is a game of nerves, competence and precision. Losing at golf basically blows, because in this format of sports, winning and losing is literally in your hands. Thus, we present to you 8 best things to do when you lose a golf session.

-  First and foremost, after losing a golf session, make sure that you never lose your good sportsmanship. Accept that you lost and move on. The best thing to do here is to congratulate your opponent, talk to them, learn about their techniques and secretly conjure up a plan on how to get them back in the next game.

-  After you are out of the court, Scream out loud, play on some fast music, decimate some eggs, pick an inanimateobject and obliterate it. Consider it your opponent and make sure you take your frustration out so that you get all the negative energy out of your system.

-  Another thing which might be helpful is to get as far away from golf for a while. The best thing to do would be to play online games, practice concentration and tactics and strategy games like, poker, roulette and blackjack variation, earn some bonus codes and get the money back you lost . This will give you an ego boost. Thus, after losing at golf, play to win and make some money making bets that'll keep your pocketsfull.

-  Now that you made fruitful bets and have a full pocket. Go out shopping!Go all out and treat yourself to some nice things, after all you did win.

-  After you are done with shopping sprees, order some pizza, bring in some ice cream, lay on your couch and delve into the solace only food can bring.

-  Plop yourself on the most comfortable thing you can find. With your comfort food by your side, watch a movie that doesn't have golf . Watch a comedy and laugh wholeheartedly at the fictional world and how it is so much better than real world.

-  Now that you've spent a few hours vegging in front of the TV, it is time to get up and go. Run a few miles in the park, look at the scenic beauty and of course the good looking joggers are a special treat too.

Grab your best friends and go have a night out. Find a good club and dance to the music. Shake your worries away, just focus on the beat and let the night take care of your worries.

Golf takes practice and patience, so don't take your loss too hard. Enjoy life, focus on the little things that make you happy and you'll surely win at golf and in your life.

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