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Faldo speaks out over James book row

James' Ryder Cup future in Sam's hands

James & Lehman in war of words over book

Nick Faldo voiced his concerns over the role of Mark James in the next Ryder Cup and how that would stir up the unpleasant memories of the 1999 event at Brookline

"I really believe that if Mark's a part of the team at the next Ryder Cup, it's going to stir the whole thing up again," said Faldo.

"It's going to create a volcano, and who knows what is going to happen when it erupts.

"Mark's comments have provided fuel to the fire when I think we all agree that when it comes to the next Ryder Cup, it's all got to come down a couple of notches."

"The trust for me, and I would have thought an awful lot of other players, has gone out of the window.

"If you're going to sit in that team room, you have to be prepared to say some pretty tough things.

"The thought that somebody might be thinking that the sentiments expressed would be great for their next book would be just too dangerous. I think a lot of senior members of the European Tour are very upset about it all.

"Suddenly a guy has gone over the boundary lines of revealing what goes on in a team room.

"I think that some confidences have to be kept," Faldo told The Times.


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