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Japanese still upset by Maruyama's abuse

Maruyama, playing from sand at Pebble Beach,is in even more trouble after his abuse of reporters after his 80 at the US Open. Allsport.

If Shigeki Maruyama didn't expect any repercussions over his verbal abuse of the Japanese press at the U.S. Open, he was sorely mistaken.

According to a report in Tokyo Sports Press, the Japanese Tour is expected to send Maruyama a "please explain" notice.

For those who missed it, Maruyama was so upset after shooting 80 in the second round at the U.S. Open that he told three Japanese press members to "f off."

There is no literal translation of that phrase to Japanese, but the tour nonetheless got the gist of his remark.

It remains to be seen whether Maruyama is fined, but some Japanese newspapers, including Tokyo Sports Press, are so upset at the incident that they have decided not to interview Maruyama until he apologizes. As yet he hasn't.

In the U.S., it's common for players to be fined for swearing within hearing range of the public, but they can usually say whatever they like to the media and get off scot free.

Many would consider Maruyama's verbal abuse to be out of character for a player who nearly always has a smile on his face.

However, he's not the first player to crack under the pressure of a U.S. Open, which exacts more from players than any other tournament.

Whether Maruyama can repair his image in Japan remains to be seen. He sullied it on his own, but this will probably be quickly forgotten if he apologizes to those he insulted.

The Japanese are crying out for a player who can win in America, and Maruyama is their best hope in the foreseeable future.


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