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Allan secures medal honours at PGA Tour School

Stephen Allan won medalist honours today at the PGA Tour Qualifying School, where dreams are realized and nightmares inevitable.

Allan won the grueling six-round tournament, finishing at 32-under 400 and collecting a top prize of $50,000. He can play in any tournament he chooses next year except for certain limited-field events.

The Australian was one of 17 to earn PGA Tour cards for the first time. Another was Brian Wilson, who tied for second with Canadian David Morland IV at 402 and made it in his 13th trip to Q-School.

Allan, winner of the 1998 German Open, and Wilson were the only golfers in the 166-player field to break 70 in each of the six rounds at the PGA West Jack Nicklaus Tournament and Private courses.

Tommy Tolles, one of a handful of PGA Tour veterans in the final round of qualifying, finished fourth at 403.

A total of 36 players-- the lowest number since 1981 -- earned their 2001 cards today. The PGA Tour takes the top 35, including ties, at the qualifying tournament. The next 50 earn exemptions to the Tour. The 35 who finished behind Allan will be ranked in order behind those who finished in the top 125 on the 2000 PGA Tour money list and other criteria. Among the 35 are former PGA Tour winners Frank Nobilo, Keith Clearwater, and Fred Wadsworth, who won the 1986 Southern Open.

Eight players missed the 15-under 417 cut by a stroke, including Casey Martin, whose debilitating leg condition allowed him the controversial use of a cart on the PGA Tour in 2000. Martin holed a 25-foot birdie putt on the 18th hole on the Jack Nicklaus Tournament course to finish at 14-under 418.

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear the PGA Tour's appeal of Martin's lawsuit, which enables him to ride in a cart, next month.

Also finishing a stroke off the cut was Kelly Gibson, who shot a final-round 64 with a 29 on the back side.

The most heartbreaking story of the day was that of Tim O'Neal, who had a bogey 4 and triple-bogey 7 on his last two holes and missed a tour card by two shots. On the 18th hole hole, O'Neal hit his tee shot into a hazard, took a penalty stroke and drop, then hit a fairway wood into a bunker. He blasted out over the green and had to hole the chip to get his card. He didn't, then missed the putt coming back to finish with a triple bogey. O'Neal, who was trying to join Tiger Woods as the only other African-American golfer on the PGA Tour, started the day tied for 68th place, then played his first 16 holes in 8-under par to move into a tie for 28th place at 17-under. His play on the final two holes dropped him into a tie for 45th place.

That wasn't the only horror story.

Bob Gaus needed a birdie on his final hole to hit the cut line, but he drove into the rough and found the water with his approach before settling for a bogey.

Also missing out by one shot was Joe Daley. That stroke can be traced back to Saturday when, after hitting into the water on No. 17, he had a 2-foot putt for double bogey. The ball went in, bounced off the bottom of the cup and right back out.

Ken Green, a five-time winner on the PGA Tour, bogeyed his last hole and missed by one shot, as did Brian Watts. The 1998 British Open runner-up, Watts needed to birdie the last two holes. His 50-footer on the 17th turned away at the last inch, and he birdied the final hole.

"Other than the Ryder Cup, there is no other tournament where you can find this kind of drama," said two-time Q School medalist Robin Freeman. "The guys are not playing for money, they're not playing for trophies. They're playing for their livelihood."

Freeman was in town to support his brother, Jeff, who tied for 68th at 421, four strokes off the cut.

One of two players tied with Jeff Freeman was David Gossett, the 1999 U.S. Amateur champion who shot a 59 on Saturday but failed to break 70 in the other five rounds.

Australian Andrew McLardy was one of eight players to make it through all three stages of the qualifying process, tying for fifth at 405. In the last five weeks he has played in Germany, South Africa, Atlanta, Italy, Dallas, Thailand, and here.

Jeremy Anderson tied for 11th at 410 and was the only one of five collegiate All-Americans to earn a card.

"It's something that I have dreamed about since I am eight or nine years old," he said.

Thanks to a fifth-round 63, Garrett Willis also tied for 11th.

"It's a little bit overwhelming," he said. "It's been a long week. ... I can't wait to start competing."

Cliff Kresge fell in the water while attempting a putt at the ninth hole but carded a 68 and made it by three strokes, tying for 21st at 414.

Rocky Walcher birdied the 16th and 17th holes to finish two strokes above the cut line at 415. He will return to the PGA Tour for the first time since 1994.

"You wonder if you're ever going to get back out there to see if you're better," he said. "You always feel like you can do it. I think the dream has always been there."

Six players made it by a stroke, including Sweden's Per-Ulrik Johansson, a five-time winner on the European Tour. Johansson, birdied two of his last three holes.

Stephen Allan, $50,000 65-69-65-65-68-68-40032-under

David Morland IV, $37,50069-68-63-65-65-72-40230-under
Brian Wilson, $37,50065-67-67-67-68-68-402

Tommy Tolles, $30,00063-65-72-69-69-65-40329-under

Andrew McLardy, $26,25065-67-63-66-73-71-40527-under
Kevin Johnson, $26,250 70-67-65-64-70-69-405

Cameron Beckman, $25,000 68-67-69-68-71-65-40824-under

Hunter Haas, $25,000 67-69-68-66-71-68-40923-under
Craig Perks, $25,000 71-64-70-63-70-71-409
Richard Coughlan, $25,00066-69-65-69-68-72-409

Jeremy Anderson, $25,000 66-70-67-68-75-64-41022-under
Bart Bryant, $25,000 71-70-68-69-65-67-410
Garrett Willis, $25,00067-72-67-71-63-70-410

Fred Wadsworth, $25,00065-71-66-69-71-69-41121-under
Jason Gore, $25,00069-69-63-72-69-69-411
Geoff Ogilvy, $25,00069-70-67-68-66-71-411

Ben Ferguson, $25,00064-68-70-67-71-72-41220-under

Sean Murphy, $25,000 72-66-69-69-68-69-41319-under
Kaname Yokoo, $25,00070-66-73-67-68-69-413
Frank Nobilo, $25,00065-69-73-66-70-70-413

Cliff Kresge, $25,00070-73-71-67-65-68-41418-under
Chris Tidland, $25,000 74-67-73-63-68-69-414
Lee Porter, $25,00072-68-68-68-69-69-414
Michael Muehr, $25,000 67-71-69-67-70-70-414
Craig Barlow, $25,00066-65-70-68-75-70-414

Rocky Walcher, $25,000 66-65-75-70-68-71-41517-under

Danny Ellis, $25,000 69-67-71-71-71-67-41616-under
Craig Kanada, $25,00072-67-67-70-70-70-416
Jeff Julian, $25,000 67-70-68-72-68-71-416
Keith Clearwater, $25,00067-71-72-66-66-74-416

Per-Ulrik Johansson, $25,000 69-70-65-70-73-70-41715-under
Dicky Pride, $25,000 71-71-66-69-70-70-417
Mike Sposa, $25,00071-73-71-65-66-71-417
      K.J. Choi, $25,000 71-72-66-69-71-68-417
Emanuele Canonica, $25,000 69-68-70-71-68-71-417
Brent Schwarzrock, $25,000 71-72-66-71-69-68-417

Qualified for Tour

Casey Martin, $4,000 71-67-70-69-71-70-41814-under
Ken Green, $4,00069-69-68-73-69-70-418
Arron Oberholser, $4,000 67-68-71-71-70-71-418
Joe Daley, $4,00065-70-70-71-71-71-418
Donnie Hammond, $4,000 71-67-69-69-73-69-418
Todd Barranger, $4,000 62-70-72-74-72-68-418
Kelly Gibson, $4,000 70-74-69-70-71-64-418
Brian Watts, $4,00074-72-68-69-66-69-418

Andrew Morse, $4,000 71-65-68-70-73-72-41913-under
Brian Kamm, $4,000 69-70-67-70-72-71-419
Mike Springer, $4,00068-72-69-70-69-71-419
Jason Hill, $4,000 69-71-69-70-69-71-419
Bobby Elliott, $4,00069-71-68-65-75-71-419
Chad Campbell, $4,00070-72-69-70-67-71-419
Bob Gaus, $4,000 73-67-67-68-71-73-419
Jeff Sanday, $4,00068-72-65-71-70-73-419
Charley Hoffman, $4,00069-70-68-72-71-69-419
Curtis Wangrud, $4,000 72-73-70-69-71-64-419
Tim O'Neal, $4,000 70-71-69-70-71-68-419

Perry Moss, $4,000 67-62-73-73-72-73-42012-under
John Rollins, $4,000 70-67-71-68-72-72-420
Brad Fabel, $4,000 71-65-73-72-65-74-420
Joel Kribel, $4,00071-72-74-70-70-63-420
Heath Slocum, $4,000 69-69-69-68-75-70-420
Brenden Pappas, $4,000 68-69-71-72-70-70-420
Ryuji Imada, $4,00067-66-69-74-68-76-420
Jamie Rogers, $4,000 73-71-72-66-71-67-420
John Kernohan, $4,00076-68-69-70-70-67-420
Barry Cheesman, $4,000 75-68-69-70-71-67-420
Robert Gamez, $4,000 69-72-73-67-70-69-420
Scott Gump, $4,000 69-72-70-70-67-72-420

David Gossett, $4,00070-76-71-59-74-71-42111-under
Jeff Freeman, $4,000 67-72-67-72-73-70-421
Christopher Wollmann, $4,000 72-73-68-72-69-67-421

Paul Claxton, $4,000 70-72-70-67-70-73-42210-under
Mathias Gronberg, $4,000 72-74-70-70-69-67-422
Fredrik Jacobson, $4,000 70-66-73-72-70-71-422
Brian Bateman, $4,00067-68-73-69-75-70-422
Tom Kalinowski, $4,000 73-71-67-69-72-70-422
Richard Johnson, $4,00070-70-71-69-73-69-422
Ronnie Black, $4,000 68-70-73-75-66-70-422
David Kirkpatrick, $4,00069-71-70-74-68-70-422
Richard Zokol, $4,00071-69-74-68-69-71-422

R.W. Eaks, $3,00069-67-70-73-69-75-4239-under
Vic Wilk, $3,000 70-68-71-71-69-74-423
Steve Hart, $3,000 72-73-69-71-70-68-423
Brian Fogt, $3,000 70-70-72-67-72-72-423
Stephen Leaney, $3,000 69-74-68-67-74-71-423
Rodney Pampling, $3,00072-71-68-72-70-70-423
Kevin Burton, $3,000 76-66-72-69-69-71-423
Bobby Gage, $3,000 69-68-73-73-67-73-423

Failed to qualify

Danny Briggs 70-72-68-69-71-74-4248-under
Scott Hebert 70-72-71-71-72-68-424
Toru Taniguchi 69-72-70-69-70-74-424
Willie Wood69-68-73-69-73-72-424
Ty Armstrong 69-71-69-70-74-71-424
Brian Tennyson 68-72-71-70-75-68-424

Mike Heinen71-76-71-71-69-67-4257-under
Angel Franco 76-71-70-71-70-67-425
Bo Van Pelt70-74-75-70-68-68-425
Sam Randolph 69-73-72-71-70-70-425
Todd Rose72-70-73-69-71-70-425
Ben Crane70-70-71-69-71-74-425
Jim McGovern 74-75-69-66-70-71-425
Tim Petrovic 69-67-76-69-72-72-425
Rick Price 68-67-71-73-77-69-425

Mike Hulbert 67-72-72-75-69-71-4266-under
Billy Judah70-71-66-73-72-74-426
Michael A. Long70-69-71-69-74-73-426
Paul Curry 65-74-70-71-73-73-426

Esteban Isasi68-76-76-68-71-68-4275-under
Mark Carnevale 71-72-70-72-73-69-427
Brian Hull 69-72-68-72-74-72-427

Jonathan Byrd74-75-72-67-71-69-4284-under
Eric Meeks 70-75-72-72-70-69-428
Lee Rinker 71-76-66-70-73-72-428

Jamie Neher71-73-71-69-74-71-4293-under
Bob Heintz 73-72-71-71-73-69-429
Patrick Sheehan73-67-77-73-71-68-429
Mike Schuchart 71-74-75-71-72-66-429
Patrick Burke75-74-71-67-70-72-429
Steve Gotsche65-74-76-71-71-72-429
Omar Uresti69-70-68-74-76-72-429

D.A. Points75-73-70-68-73-71-4302-under
Jim Estes69-73-70-72-74-72-430
Dave Stockton76-73-70-70-69-72-430
Bobby Cochran73-67-77-69-74-70-430
Jim Rutledge 71-71-72-73-71-72-430
Brett Quigley70-78-67-73-70-72-430
Chad Wright69-72-73-70-70-76-430

Brad Klapprott 75-70-71-71-72-72-4311-under
Bud Still71-73-72-71-74-70-431
Tom Carter 70-73-72-71-69-76-431
Fran Quinn 72-71-67-73-71-77-431

Pete Morgan72-72-70-71-74-73-432Even
James Blair73-73-71-71-75-69-432
Rob Bradley67-66-71-75-78-75-432

Nick Napoleon68-71-71-73-77-73-4331-over
Gary Webb73-74-69-73-68-76-433

Darron Stiles75-67-72-72-72-76-4342-over
Rob McMillan 68-73-72-81-72-68-434
Jason Schultz73-70-68-70-78-75-434

Mark Walker77-76-73-69-71-69-4353-over

Curt Byrum 72-71-72-70-79-72-4364-over
Shane Bertsch74-74-72-71-73-72-436
Sean Quinlivan 74-78-75-70-71-68-436

Mark Johnson 72-70-74-71-74-76-4375-over
Jason Knutzon72-74-73-72-71-75-437
Joe Meade75-70-72-71-76-73-437
Slade Adams72-71-74-73-76-71-437
Oscar Serna74-81-77-71-64-70-437
Kuni Kuniyoshi 74-77-71-76-72-67-437

Ryan Vermeer 72-72-70-76-78-71-4397-over

Bobby Kalinowski 73-72-72-74-78-71-4408-over

Sung Man Lee 74-76-72-70-72-77-4419-over
Jody Bellflower76-80-73-68-76-68-441

Anthony Rodriguez75-73-71-77-76-70-44210-over

Richard Backwell 73-72-72-75-79-72-44311-over

Richard Smith75-74-77-72-72-75-44513-over
David McKenzie 74-70-74-78-77-72-445
Rick Woodson 77-73-74-74-75-72-445
John Patterson 78-69-74-75-79-70-445

Jeff Klein 75-77-68-76-76-75-44715-over
Kevin Muncrief 73-73-73-79-77-72-447

Kevin Pendley76-74-72-73-77-78-45018-over
Rick Cramer77-75-72-72-79-75-450

Phil Tataurangi71-68-73-71-67-WD
Ben Bates70-70-74-71-73-WD
Brian Claar73-71-72-71-76-WD
Craig A. Spence73-79-72-74-76-WD

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