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Wales formally submit 2009 Ryder Cup bid

Itwasannouncedtodaythat Waleshassubmittedabid to the Professional Golfers' Association (PGA) to host the 2009 Ryder Cup.The Welsh bid receives an important boostwith the announcement of a new report this morning by the Welsh Development Agency (WDA)suggestingthattheeventwillhavean immense and immediate impact on the Welsh economy.

The report, which was co-authored with Cardiff University, claims thatTheRyderCupeventwill bring almost £65 million into the Welsh economy.Even though Wales would not host the RyderCupuntil 2009, the report suggests that an association with such a high profile event will instantly impact Walesanditsreputationasahighly desirablecountryinwhichtoinvest and visit for recreation and sports.

The report highlights howpeople'sperceptionsofWaleshave improvedinthepastwhenthecountryhas hosted a high profile international event, such astheRugbyWorldCuportheCardiff EuropeanSummit, with more people recognizing Wales as a good tourist location,withahighqualityoflifeandexcellent sporting facilities.

Based on today's predictions, Walescouldhopetoattractan additional5,000golfingvisitors a year following the event.This would add an extra £4 million to Welsh tourism revenue.

In addition, the improvement of Welshgolffacilitiesandthe subsequentrise in golf tourism is estimated to be worth between £4 and £7 million a year, generating around 200 jobs annuallyinthe tourism/service sector of the economy.

"We believe that the Ryder Cup will help us to place Wales at the centeroftheglobal stage, raising its profile, reversing negative images and offering the chance to showcase the country asavibrant, forwardandout-wardlookingplacewhich is good for business and sports recreation," said Graham Moore, Executive Director of Strategic Policy, Welsh Development Agency.

It is estimated thattheeventwouldattractfortythousand visitors, who could spend upto£40milliondirectlyon accommodations, travel, entertainment and retail during the courseof theRyderCupandindirect spending on such items as marketing and course preparation during the build-up to the event.

"The projected figures are based onacombinationofprevious experienceandreasoned judgement," said Graham Moore."We are very keen to host this event in Wales, in fact we are passionateaboutit -- this will bring far more than pure economic gain to our country."

In its 24-year history, the Welsh Development Agencyhashelped morethan450 foreign-owned companies establish operations in Wales. International investments in the region since 1983 have totalledmore than£15billion, making Wales one of the fastest growing regions in Europe.

Wales offers businesses a "best business climate" that includes a skilled andproductiveworkforce,top-notchinfrastructure,low corporate and personal taxes, an unparalleled commitment to technology andinnovationandahighqualityof life.In addition, the WDA providesnumerous support programs including site selection assistance, employee training, research and sourcing assistance.




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