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Webb challenges Tiger to find "True Champion"

Karrie Webb is challenging Tiger Woods to a one-on-one match to determine the true champion of world golf.

The 25-year-old Queenslander, who has won five tournaments this year and more than $1 million in prizemoney, said a Tiger v Tigress contest – in the style of tennis's Bobby Riggs v Billie Jean King – was a great idea, despite obvious difficulties in matching up the pair.

Tiger has driven 400 yards off the tee – and is consistenly more than 100 yards longer than the women's champion.

"I think we'd both be interested," Webb said of a match-up in an international telephone press conference via phone hook-up from her home base in Florida yesterday.

"I played with Tiger Woods in 1996 ... I'd like to play alongside him again."

Webb said the competition could work but there would be a number of practical difficulties to overcome in creating an even contest for the two players.

She said it would look ridiculous if she was to hit off the same tee with the top men's player, given Tiger's obvious power advantage with the driver.

The solution would be to move her forward on the tee, she said, but this could leave the two players in different positions on the fairway, leading to allegations of an unfair contest.

Both players were rookies of the year in 1996.

Like Tiger (who recently won six straight events), Karrie Webb is the player to beat in the women's game.

"Early this year we have both dominated our respective tours," Webb said.

"Our careers are just uncannily the same.

"(Critics) attack our personalities. But that's the way we were brought up. We're not doing anything unusual."

It would take something unusual to match Webb and Woods, although both are clients of IMG management and the event would attract great attention.

"If that was ever a proposal, I think we would both be interested in it," Webb said.

"We played together in 96 (at the LPGA-PGA pairs event) and I was in awe of his game then. Watching some of the shots he made was incredible.

Webb's concern would be trying to set up a course that gave her a chance despite Woods' driving length edge without giving her an unfair advantage.

"It could work but for me to hit the same club off the tee is the only fair way to set up a course and he would hit it so much farther than me," she said.

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