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Woods odds just 16-1 for Grand Slam in 2001

Tiger Woods,winner of four of the last five major championships, is poised to pull off what no other player in the history of the game has achieved by winning the Grand Slam.

That was the view yesterday of six-time major winner Nick Faldo, who believes that golf’s holy grail - the winning of all four majors in a single season - is more of a probability than a possibility for Woods.

After another wondrous victory at Valhalla on Sunday, where he staved off a brave challenge from Bob May to defend the US PGA championship in a tense play-off, there is no limit to what Woods can go on to do with his career, according to the Englishman.

"Give Tiger another year,"Faldo reflected. "You know, he might just be warming up! He’s the only guy in the game who can really aim for the Grand Slam. If Tiger keeps going to the golf course and keeps concentrating as he does, then everyone else is in serious trouble."

Although Tiger has made the unimaginable seem routine by becoming the first man to win the US Open, the Open and the US PGA in one year, no-one should be in any doubt about how difficult it will be for him to win all four majors in the same time span. After all, it was a challenge which even defeated Jack Nicklaus - the man regarded, until now, as golf’s most prized champion.

Just 16-1 for all four majors in 2001. Allsport.

Prior to Tiger’s arrival on the scene, the odds against someone winning the Grand Slam were about the same as winning a lottery - five million to one. Yesterday,Woods was quoted at 16-1 to go in 2001 where no golfer has gone before.

Those looking for an explanation of how Woods has put such a stranglehold on the majors might do well to heed the words of veteran Tom Watson. The winner of five Opens, two Masters and one US Open, who clambered into the top ten at Valhalla thanks to weekend rounds of 65 and 68, is notin the least surprised by Tiger’s dominance.

"He has better flexibility than anybody," noted Watson. "He works out harder than anybody. He hits the ball farther than anybody. He putts better than anybody. And he wants to be the greatest player who ever lived. I think that pretty much explains it."

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