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Colin Montgomerie's divorce costs him £15m

Colin Montgomerie has put an end to the feuding with his former wife by agreeing one of the biggest divorce settlements recorded in Britain. The golfer was said yesterday to be relieved that the bitter and very public break-up can be put behind him. Montgomerie, whose fortune is put at more than £25 million, is understood to have agreed to pay his wife, Eimear, up to £15 million to finalise the divorce.

In return for a one-off payment more than twice as big as previously expected, Mrs Montgomerie has agreed to a clean break by giving up the right to a claim on his future earnings. The size of the settlement, which outstrips the £7 million sum paid by Nick Faldo to his former wife, Gill, is said to take into account Montgomerie’s return to form in the past 12 months, in which he has risen from 83rd in the world to 8th, and earned £5 million.

The couple were due in court at the end of last month for a hearing on how their financial affairs should be settled, but agreement was reached at the eleventh hour, but the golfer was reluctant to make public any details. However, his former wife last night played down the extent of the divorce deal. “Colin and I have settled. I am not allowed to discuss the details but I can say the settlement was nothing like the £15 million that has been rumoured,” she said.

“I am very happy that it has all been resolved because it means my future as an independent person is assured, and so is the future of our children.”

Montgomerie flew home from a golf tournament in Abu Dhabi a week ago to finalise the details and arrived back in the United Arab Emirates early yesterday looking much more cheerful. He was back on the golf course for a pro-am competition within hours of touching down in Dubai. He refused to answer questions on his divorce but said: “I’m here and you can see that I’m OK. You can see how I am.”

His manager, Guy Kinnings, said that an out-of-court settlement was reached early this week. “The details are between the parties. But it’s fair to say Colin is relieved. He’s relieved everything has been resolved. It’s been a pretty difficult time for him.”

February 2, 2006


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