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Row brewing between European & Asian Tours

The Asian Tour's chief executive has labelled as an insult a move by the European Tour to stage two events in Asia without the involvement of the host circuit.

The European Tour recently announced the inclusion of the Indonesian Open (March 2-5) and the Singapore Masters (March 9-12) on its schedule.

Louis Martin is angry that the Indonesian Open will go ahead the same week as the Amy Valley Masters, a new Asian Tour event in Mumbai.

"It's an insult the European Tour and its Asian promoter, the Parallel Media Group, are planning and it is completely out of order in fostering good relationships between the two tours," Martin told reporters at the Qatar Masters.

"The Asian Tour has been in constant fights with Parallel Media ever since they were signed by the European Tour in March 2003, as they seem to go ahead and want to do their own thing without any concern for the long term promotion of golf in the Asia region."

Martin said he had several concerns over the running of the Singapore tournament.

"As far as the Singapore Masters is concerned we've got no guarantee of any long-term commitment, nor do we know who the sponsor is or what the prize money is," said Martin on Saturday.

"The sooner the European Tour and the Asian Tour can get together without their partners, Parallel, the better it will be for everybody who is involved in golf."

Martin said a near 10-year co-sanctioning agreement between the European and Asian tours would be severely damaged unless a compromise was reached.

"Can you imagine the media feast if the Asian Tour went ahead and announced the staging of an Asian Tour event in continental Europe?," asked Martin.

"If they don't go ahead and move the Indonesian Open, I hate to think of the ramifications."



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