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Australian Open may be Greg Norman's last

This week's Australian Open may be Greg Norman's last professional appearance on home soil, the former world number one said on Tuesday.

The 51-year-old has not played in the tournament since 1999 and the event at the Royal Sydney Golf Club starting on Thursday may be his competitive swansong in Australia.

"It could be. I'm not saying which one is going to be my last," Norman told a news conference.

"I talk to my family and ask them questions about how much more I can keep going on and doing it," he added.

"I'll be honest, the thought crosses my mind. Then I go out and play the golf course like last week and hit some pretty good shots and got excited.

"Then I think maybe I'll try one more. My competitive juices still flow and I can't comment on whether it will be my last one or not but sooner or later there will be a last one."

Norman said he was playing decent golf, though he does not expect to win his home Open for the sixth time.

"My form is ok, it's nothing startling," he said. "I've practiced a little bit leading up to the event. Do I come in here with expectations of winning the golf tournament? No, I don't.

"Do I come in here with expectations of trying to do the best I can and feel confident in putting in a pretty solid performance? Yes, I do."

Norman, twice British Open champion, has won 31 tournaments in his home country but recognizes that the likes of U.S. Open champion Geoff Ogilvy and world No. 4 Adam Scott are the players to beat this week.

"It's very complimentary to appear on promotions with these guys but I think they look at me in a different light nowadays than just someone who gets on the first tee with a chance of winning golf tournaments," he said.

"I carry the flag in a lot of different ways."

November 14, 2006


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