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Jim Furyk climbs to World No.5

Jim Furyk climbed two spots to fifth in the world rankings on Monday following his playoff victory at the Wachovia Championship, a move that barely registered on the American's radar.

Furyk is motivated by tournament victories and did not even know his official world ranking going into last week's PGA Tour event in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"The world rankings have gotten a lot better, but I honestly couldn't tell you where I was at," the 35-year-old told reporters after clinching his 11th PGA Tour title at Quail Hollow Club.

"I would assume somewhere between seven and nine, but I don't know."

He was pretty close, being ranked seventh before he edged out South Africa's Trevor Immelman at the first extra hole on Sunday.

"It's really not that important because I'm sure Trevor didn't care," added Furyk. "He just wanted to go out there and beat me.

"You go out there, play well and win some golf tournaments, shoot good scores and all that will take care of itself."

Florida-based Furyk, winner of the 2003 U.S. Open at Olympia Fields, is in two minds over his career tally on the PGA Tour.  

"If I told you that I felt like I shouldn't have won more than 11, I'd be lying," he said. "I do feel like that. I felt like there's a lot of tournaments where I should have won and I didn't.

"And maybe there are also some tournaments that could have easily gone the other way. I've had a couple like that.

"I feel like I should have won more than 11 tournaments but, if I got hurt and could never play golf again, I would sit back and think about the things that I've accomplished and be very happy with them.

"I would have never thought 13 years ago that I would have played on that many Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup teams, won the U.S. Open, won 11 times, so I'm very proud of that."

For the record, Furyk has played in four Ryder Cups and four Presidents Cups.

"That being said, I'm hoping to win a heck of a lot more golf tournaments," he added. "I'm not sitting on my rear end. I'm going to keep working."

Known for his unorthodox swing and his accuracy from tee to green, Furyk is also recognised as being one of the toughest competitors on tour.

This is a compliment he readily accepts, with one proviso.

"I can't name any of the best players in the world today that aren't tough, that aren't gritty," he said. "Tiger Woods is the best player in the world, and there is no one tougher.

"Most of the time I think the guys that are tough and gritty are guys that can hit a really good shot under pressure. If not, they go figure out a way to get the ball in the hole.

"I view myself as a pretty tough, gritty player. I think a lot of people see the goofy swing and just assume that I must be tough and gritty to have any success."

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