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John Daly to design course in Ireland

John Daly has agreed to design a second course in Ireland.

Known around the world as 'Wild Thing', Daly will put his signature to a course at the heart of a €35m-plus project planned for Eyresville Estate in Kiltormer, Co Galway.

This "integrated tourism project" is the brainchild of Kiltormer publican and businessman Donie Campbell and will include a hotel, swimming pool and housing.

Work is scheduled to begin in April on a site which Daly's co-designer, Mel Flanagan of Golf Design Ireland, says "is perfectly conducive for golf course development" and "is on similar lines to the Mount Juliet estate".

Daly's first course in Ireland, located at the spectacularly beautiful Shournagh Valley, will open in July. Built by Flanagan in partnership with his son Melvyn, it is the centerpiece to the new Blarney Golf Resort.

Keen to stamp his own personality onto any course he designs, Daly insisted on a spectacular finish at Shournagh Valley, where the final four holes measure 420 yards (par four), 620 yards (par five), 610 yards (par five) and 410 yards (par four) off the back stakes.

"It's great fun working with John," says Flanagan. "To be honest, we love him."

March 21, 2006


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