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Judy Rankin on the road to recovery

Judy Rankin sounded as upbeat as ever Tuesday, hopeful the hard part of cancer surgery was behind her. She cooked dinner for the first time, and even had the strength to take her dogs for walk at home in Midland, Texas.

But the ABC Sports golf analyst doesn't quite have the strength to go to the British Open next week.

"It's the hardest week I have and the one I love the most," said Rankin, who was diagnosed with breast cancer two months ago. "But I'm not quite up to that. I'm trying hard to get to the Women's British Open. Nothing is a definite yet, but it looks very possible."

Rankin had planned to go to Toledo, Ohio, this weekend for the LPGA Tour event. Her family is talking her out of it, however, not wanting her to return too early and have a setback.

"I think I would be quite capable of sitting and talking for two hours," she said with a laugh. "It's the trip that's hard, and that's not an easy place to get to. What I need is my own airplane."

Then came more laughter.

"Maybe I'll go to the British if Tiger will take me," she said.

The Women's British Open is Aug. 3-6 at Royal Lytham & St. Annes, and Rankin remained optimistic she could make it.

"This has been hard, I must say," she said. "But I think I'm well through the worst of it now."

July 12, 2006


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