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Ladies African Golf Tour announced

With the current Women's Golf Tour consisting of just four events, and the rest of the African continent lagging far behind South Africa in the participation of women in the game, the LAT will boost playing, and therefore earning opportunities for Africa's professionals.

The proposed tour will consist of ten events in the months of February, March and April, with a number of objectives having been established for the improvement of the standard of women's golf.

“The staging of the Women's World Cup of Golf in South Africa has obviously created huge interest in the game among women,” says LAT Commissioner Tania Fourie, “and we have seen the emergence of some exciting young talent as a result. We have to ensure that this talent does not go to waste and that we establish a culture of participation and opportunities for these girls so that South Africa can produce as many world beaters as it has in the men's game.”

There will be four major events, with prize-money of more than R1.2 million, that will form the core of the LAT, with an additional six events being added to the calendar, in South Africa and beyond its borders, with two events proposed for either Botswana, Swaziland, Namibia or Kenya.

Entries will be accepted from around the world and very importantly also from amateur golfers with a handicap of six or under, creating more opportunities for the world's up and coming youngsters to test themselves under tournament conditions.

Fourie believes that the LAT will also present excellent opportunities for corporate South Africa to support the game at an affordable level. “With the format of each of the smaller events including a round played as a pro-am, the LAT we will be providing a novel hospitality opportunity for our sponsors, while also taking women's tournament golf into smaller towns which have not experienced it before.” Fourie remarked.

She is also adamant that South Africa has a duty to pass on its experience to the rest of the continent. “By staging the Women's World Cup of Golf in South Africa, we have forged vital links with the LPGA and the Ladies European Tour whereby South Africa has gained valuable tournament experience,” she says. “We have a duty to leverage this to grow the game into Africa and unearth the dormant talent that we know is out there.”

June 13, 2006


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