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Nick Faldo will be under pressure says Montgomerie

Colin Montgomerie says that Europe's recent domination oof the Ryder cup heaps the pressure on 2008 Captain Nick Faldo. At Valhalla Europe will be expected to win whilst the pressure will be off the US team.

"Where does Nick go from here? Does he try to go to America and emulate what we did at the K Club?" Monty said Tuesday. "A win in America would be great, but it will be very difficult to achieve. For Nick, it's almost a shame that Europe have been so successful.

"He has to continue the run as it's almost expected now, and in sport when you're expected to do anything it's tougher to achieve," he added. "He's got a hard job ahead of him while the [as yet unnamed] American captain will have nothing to lose -- in fact, he's expected to lose."

"Nick will be a very good captain. I've learnt a lot from Nick over the years. I played with him 1993 and 1995 and he loves the Ryder Cup," he said. "He will do it his way and that's fine because that's what you want -- it's no good having a wishy-washy person in charge. You need leadership and someone who is decisive and Nick is that.

"One of the main attributes the captain must have is the respect of his players and you can't knock Nick's success. He won six major championships and was No. 1 in the world for a long time," he added. "He is Britain's best-ever player and has respect from everyone. If the captain is given respect, anything is possible."

"I would like to be helping the European team as a competitor until I am no longer able," he said. "Competitors miss competition and if I finished playing I'd miss the competition greatly. So I would like to be helping the European cause in 2008 and beyond.

"When my flexibility goes, I would love to take on another role in the Ryder Cup some time. It's the European Tour that selects the Ryder Cup captain," he explained. "Timing-wise, we have to be careful. After Faldo has done his bit, we'll be looking for a captain in 2010.

"I would probably be next on the list age-wise, as I'd be 47," he said. "Being two years ahead of Jose Maria Olazabal, I'd be next on the list, but in saying that I would still like to be playing."

October 18, 2006


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