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Retief Goosen finally hires a coach

Retief Goosen has spent the last nine years sorting out his own swing problems, and it's worked well enough to bring him two U.S. Open titles. But frustration reached a new level this year, which caused the stoic South African to do something radical by his standards.

Goosen hired a coach.

He is working with Gregor Jamieson, an instructor at Lake Nona in Orlando, and he already has seen some results. Goosen won the China Masters last week by three shots over Michael Campbell, his first victory of the year.

"I've not been very happy with the way things have been going," Goosen said. "I had to make a choice. I haven't used anyone for nine years. In a way, I've been too scared to go to somebody to work on your swing in case you get more confused. Gregor has been very simple with the way we've worked on things."

The last coach Goosen had was Sam Frost, the younger brother of David Frost.

Goosen said he decided against some of the more established coaches, such as Butch Harmon or David Leadbetter, in part because he wanted his coach to devote as much time to him as needed. Jamieson works with a few European players, but it helps that the coach and player are at Lake Nona.

October 25, 2006


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