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Seve Ballesteros to return to competitive play in 2007

Seve Ballesteros is heading back to professional golf, and he will compete in the Masters and British Open next year.

The five-time major winner said Monday that he also wants to join the Champions Tour in the United States.

"My plan is to continue playing for another four or five years," the 49-year-old Ballesteros said. "That doesn't mean I'll retire then. I could decide to continue further. I just like to set objectives for myself."

The Spaniard has had chronic back trouble in recent years. He last played in July at the British Open at Hoylake. He also played at the Madrid Open in October 2005 after a two-year absence from tournament golf.

"I am just going to continue in a slightly different manner. I am going to compete in the Champions Tour of the USA and aim to play 14 tournaments there next year," Ballesteros said. "I will also compete in others such as the British Open and the Masters."

Ballesteros won two Masters titles and three British Opens in his career, but stopped playing regularly several years ago.

"Effectively, I have been retired for the last few years, but now is the time to get serious," he said. "When I returned at the British Open recently and in the subsequent tournaments, I have done better than I expected.

"I haven't played much of late and my back has been better. It's not 100 percent, but then it never has been."



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