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Tiger Woods would like to see golf made harder

World No.1 Tiger Woods admits he would like to see golf officials make the game tougher.

The 30-year-old is convinced that the dramatic changes to the golf ball and clubs over the past few years have dramatically altered the sport and reduced a lot of the shot-making and skill.

"It's all about keeping the skill factor. At the moment, equipment has brought everyone closer together. It's harder to separate from the field, without a doubt. It's a challenge," Woods told Golf Digest.

"I'd like to see more spin added to the golf ball, so misses would be more pronounced and good shots more rewarded," Woods said. "Anytime you bring manoeuverability back into the game of golf, it's going to favour the better players who understand how to control the golf ball.

"I'd eliminate the 60-degree wedge and set a 56-degree limit.

"For one, it would bring more feel back into the game. Because now guys lay up to exact yardages and hit nothing but full shots. Nobody hits half shots anymore.

"And it would make the short game around the green a lot harder. If guys didn't have a 60-degree or even a 64-degree wedge to save them, you wouldn't see them being as aggressive going into the greens, because they couldn't short-side themselves as much."

Woods said he would like to see golf the way it used to be played and a return of the shot-makers.

"I enjoy moving the ball and hitting different shots, and I think that's the way golf should be played," he said.

Woods admits he was forced to join the rest of the tour and exploit the changes made to the equipment.

One key reason was that dozens of players who he used to outdrive, were bombing the ball past him.

"I didn't originally go along with the equipment changing everyone else was doing, and I got left behind," he explained.

January 4, 2006


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