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Tiger Woods may have bigger promotional role in 2007

Tiger Woods might play a growing role as a spokesman for a variety of General Motors brands, not just Buick, according to GM officials.

"Tiger is a tremendous asset for us. I think there are more opportunities for Tiger, maybe a little more broadly, not necessarily just in the B-P-G [Buick-Pontiac-GMC] channel but across GM as well," John Larson, GM's general manager of Pontiac-Buick-GMC, told Automotive News.

Enlarging Woods' role with the company would require a reworking of his endorsement contract, the report said, adding that Larson confirmed that Woods will endorse Buick for at least another year.

General Motors is considering an aggressive marketing campaign to try to pump up the three brands in 2007, officials said, and new vehicles in each line could provide the carmaker with opportunities to explore advertising efforts aimed at younger buyers with whom Woods is especially popular.

Among the vehicles Woods might promote, Automotive News indicated, are a new GMC crossover vehicle called the Acadia, a similar Buick vehicle known as the Enclave, and perhaps even a new entry-level Pontiac car similar to the G5.

"This is our chance, and all we need is a good marketing platform -- an emotional platform," Larson told the publication.



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