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Golf News: - Posted 8th October 1997

Callaway and PGA in junior golf initiative

Birmingham, England - Callaway Golf Co and the PGA have announced a joint initiative to work together with the Sandwell Municipal Borough Council in developing an introductory inner city golf programme for school-aged children near Birmingham.

The programme will consist of a six week PGA teaching course designed to introduce school children to all aspects of the game. The scheme is similar to the one in the US involving Callaway Golf and the LPGA.

Participants will be coached by PGA teaching professionals in the rules of golf, golf etiquette and the basic swing techniques. Students completing the programme will receive a certificate of accomplishment and extended golf privileges to practice their skills at Sandwell Municipal Golf Course.

The programme's first phase is scheduled to begin in the Spring of 1998.

Donald H. Dye, Callaway Golf President and CEO said," Besides being fun, golf is renowned for teaching patience, self-discipline and integrity. The PGA which is 6,000 strong, offer facilities, teaching expertise and the desire to cultivate young players. Callaway Golf is pleased to pool its resources with those of the PGA on this programme."

Sandy Jones, executive director of the PGA said, "This programme will give many young people the opportunity to learn the great game of golf. Some of these students will become tomorrow's golfers and teaching professionals.

"The PGA has partnered with Callaway Golf, who has donated equipment and funding for this important project, and we are delighted to be working in conjunction with them to make this initiative successful," he added.