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Golf News: - Posted 7th October 1997

Ryder Cup damaged in Europe's victory celebrations

London - The European Ryder Cup team has damaged the Ryder Cup in their victory celebrations over America.

The now priceless gold trophy that was purchased in 1927 for 200 and given to the PGA by Sam Ryder was dented and stained with it's base hanging off.

An engraver at the Birmingham jewellers repairing it said: "The word is that it was dropped at the post-match party. "We are talking about a bill of a few hundred pounds."

The foot-high gold cup went from hand to hand as Europe's stars celebrated their nerve-tingling win at Valderama, Spain. Jubilant fans, including Prince Andrew, joined in the party.

Instead of being sent to its usual home in a bank vault, the cup was transported by Securicor to the Birmingham repairers.

PGA spokesman Mike Gray admitted: "The cup was damaged during the celebrations. We are not saying a golfer dropped it, but the base was coming away and a dent needed repairing."