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The world's most dangerous golf courses

Emmaus, Pa. 20th March - Mens Health magazine of the US for April has listed its 10 most dangerous golf courses in the world.

  • Lost City Golf Course, Sun City, South Africa. The 13th green is fronted by a stone pit filled with crocodiles, some 15 feet long.
  • Elephant Hills Country Club, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The fairways are sometimes marked by craters caused by mortar shells fired across the Zambezi River.
  • Compton Par 3 Golf Course, Compton, California. High calibre excitement - home to the Crisps versus Bloods, Ryder Cup style competition.
  • Machrie Hotel Golf Course, Islay, Scotland. On this old fashioned course virtually every drive and approach is blind, played over huge sand dunes.
  • Scholl Canyon Golf Course, Glendale, California. Built on a landfill site it ran into problems when golfers snagged clubs on buried tyres and methane gas rose up from the divot holes.
  • Pelham Bay and Split Rock Golf Course, Bronz, New York. Pelham's remote location makes it ideal for unfortunate souls. In a recent 10-year period, 13 bodies were said to have been found.
  • Singapore Island Country Club, Singapore. In the 1982 Singapore Open pro, Jim Stewart, encountered a 10 foot cobra. He killed it, only to watch in horror as another snake emerged from its mouth.
  • Beachwood Golf Course, Natal, South Africa. Mrs Mollie Whitaker successfully executed a bunker shot, but was then attacked by a monkey which leaped from the bush and tried to strangle her. An alert caddie dispatched the ape.
  • Plantation Golf and Country Club, Gretna, Louisiana. With 18 holes shoved into 61 acrea (less than half the norm) players must huddle against a protective fence while waiting their turn to play.
  • Lundin Links, Fife, Scotland. A most enjoyable links course near to St Andrews unless you happen to be Harold Wallace who got hit by a train when crossing over the track behind the 5th green.

If you know a golf course that fits into this dangerous category, please send us an e-mail. We will list the most interesting ones.