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Golf News: - Posted 2nd October 1997

Devlin to have surgery to remove kidney

2nd October - Bruce Devlin, is scheduled to undergo surgery Friday at the Scottsdale Memorial Hospital in Arizona, to remove his right kidney.

He is the fourth Senior USPGA Tour player to be affected with some form of cancer this year.

"I have full confidence in the doctors I'm working with," Devlin said in a statement issued by the USPGA Senior Tour. "They tell me I have about a 95 percent chance of full recovery, and there's no reason I can't go on and live a full and normal life, provided the cancer hasn't spread."

The 59-year-old Australian won eight times on the PGA Tour and teamed with David Graham to win the 1970 World Cup for Australia. He has worked as a golf commentator for ESPN and NBC and has designed and built more than 140 golf courses worldwide since 1966.

The other Senior Tour players diagnosed with cancer are Arnold Palmer and 1996 Player of the Year Jim Colbert, currently being treated for prostate cancer. Larry Gilbert is undergoing a series of chemotherapy treatments after learning that his inoperable lung cancer has spread into his bloodstream, shoulder and rib.