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Langer appeals for Ryder Cup profits to be distributed to European PGAs

Oxfordshire, 7th May - Ryder Cup profits, estimated to be £4 million, should be divided between all the PGAs of Europe said Berhard Langer in an appeal to the PGA on the eve of the Benson & Hedges International Open at the Oxfordshire Golf Club.

The Swedish, Irish, German and Italian Professional Golfers Associations should all receive money from the Ryder Cup, and it is time for the Professional Golfers Association which own s the event and splits the profit with the PGA European Tour to consider the mood of the European players.

"Ever since continental players became part of the Ryder Cup, part of the money should go to other PGAs," said Langer. "I have recommended as much to the tour, I don't know whether they will listen to me or not, but all the other continental players think the same. It is commen sense and I hope it happens sooner rather than later", he said.