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Martin prepares to fight his sacking by the Ryder Cup Committee

London, 3rd September - Miguel Angel Martin is preparing to fight the Ryder Cup Committee for axing him from the team because he refused to play 18 holes at Valderamma today as a test of his fitness.

His place was immediately taken by Jose Maria Olazabal who finished in 11th place in the Ryder Cup points table.

Martin's lawyers said they are to appeal to the Committee over their client's situation. Alberto Ferreiro, his lawyer, said that if the committee did not accpet it they would take it to the courts.

Miguel Martin's friend. Ignacio Garrido, who is one of those who made the team, issued his own statement strongly criticising the Ryder Cup Committee

"It's the most unfair decision I have heard in the history of golf," said the 25-year-old who was not afraid to speak out. "I cannot like Seve's attitude on this and if he comes and asks me my opinion I will say: 'You are crazy'.

"They are not giving Miguel Angel a chance, and anyone in his position would try to do the same.

"It's very unfair what they are doing, and I don't think it ends here. Maybe if he goes to court he can stop the Ryder Cup."

Martin held his own press conference in Madrid and also didn't hide his feelings. "The captain Ballesteros is responsible for this. If Jose Maria Olazabal had been No 17 this would not have happened." Asked if there was a plot to remove him and replace him with a better-known player, Martin said: "Yes."

Olazabal elevation to the side allows Ballesteros to name both Nick Faldo and Jesper Parnevik as his wild cards on Thursday and therefore field what will be seen as his strongest side.

In his defence Seve Ballesteros made it clear that it was the Ryder Cup Committee and not him who made the decision.

When reminded that Mitchel Platts, the spokesman for the Ryder Cup Committee, had said that "following close consultation between the Ryder Cup Committee and Severiano Ballesteros Martin had been informed he would be replaced".

When told that, Ballesteros reacted: "No, no, no, no - I was not there. It was not me."

"European tour executive director Ken Schofield told me that they made the decision. It was up to the committee.

"I asked the committee to give him some time. I don't make the rules here. I only have so much power - please don't implicate me in this. I am not trying to excuse myself or defend myself, but I am in a very difficult position. I think it was a mistake in the statement."

Martin said that his conversation with Ken Schofield on Sunday had not been the friendliest. "He said to look for a good lawyer - and I have one."