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Montgomerie wants changes in Europe's Ryder Cup team selection

London, 25th March - Colin Mongomerie has joined in the arguments about how the European Ryder Cup team should be selected. Seve Ballesteros last month had offered his opinion that the captain should be allowed to select four places not two as at present.but Montgomerie has gone even further with a statement being made today to Martin Hardy of the The Express newspaper.

He says he is not impressed with the way Europe selects its team. If he had his way he would let the captain pick the lot.

He is just as convinced that not every pound won on the European Tour should be converted into a Ryder Cup point.

"I have a strong views that we've got it wrong in the Ryder Cup," he said.

"I'm a great one for picking teams and I disagree with points for pounds. We don't want players with the best attendance levels in the Ryder Cup team, we want the best players."

Montgomerie is due to appear at the KPMG Golf Show in Birmingham on 2nd May - 5th May as part of his effort to show people that he is a nicer person that the public have conceived so far.

"I'm good at the job possibly because of the temperament that I have," he told Martin Hardy. "I'm determined and ambitious and you will find no-one with a stronger will to win than me."

"I'll never lose that drive, it's inbuilt and maybe it's been the cause of some of the previous troubles. I've made mistakes and I learn from them. There are things I regret, but if I am on the course like I am off it, then I don't think I would perform as well as I do."

"People are beginning to warm to me more than two or three years ago," he said in the interview.

"It's good that they can get a chance to see me outside the office. People don't know what I.'m like, that I have a sense of humour, that I am human, that I can smile.

"They see me on television playing golf. It's my job and unfortunately you can't be yourself."