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Scarsdale, 10th August - The US are poised for victory after this morning by taking three of the four matches against Great Britain and Ireland in the foursomes. The eight singles to take place this afternoon seem to be a formality with G.B.& I knowing they have to win all the points if they are not to lose the trophy they won at Royal Porthcawl Golf Club in Wales in 1995.

The poor golf that marred the first days effort by the members of the G.B. & I. team improved slightly but much to the disappointment of their captain Clive Brown the experience of the US was too much. It now means the US have only to add a further point on the board for their 31st win in the international competition that started in 1922. The US record will then read 31-4-1.

The only success for Great Britain & Ireland came from the pairing of Gary Wolstenholme and 17 year-old Justin Rose who defeated Randy Lean and Chris Wollman 2 and 1 for the only point from the morning foursomes.

Sunday Morning Results - Foursomes Alternate-Shot Format

Steven Young
Craig Watson
G.B.& I. lost to John Harris
Brad Elder
US 3 and 2
Barclay Howard
Graham Rankin
G.B.& I. lost to Jerry Courville Jnr
Buddy Marucci Jnr
US 5 and 4
Richard Coughlan
David Park
G.B & I.. lost to Duke Delcher
Steve Scott
US 1-up
Gary Wolstenholme
Justin Rose
G.B.& I. defeated Randy Lean
Chris Wollmann
US 2 and 1

Points: Great Britain & Ireland 1 - US 3

Total: Great Britain & Ireland 4 - US 11