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US crush G.B.&I to win back the Walker Cup

Scarsdale, N.Y. 10th August - The United States have won back the Walker Cup they lost in 1995. The score was 18 - 6 which was a point off the highest margin of 19 - 5 scored by the US at Interlachen Country Club in Minnesota in 1991.

The dominance this time by the US team became clear within an hour of the series of matches starting on Saturday morning. By lunchtime they had four points out of four in the foursomes and by the end of the day it was clear they w ere just too strong in talent and determination.

After a near sweep in the Sunday morning foursomes the US needed one point from the eight singles to win back the trophy. This came from John Harris at the 13th hole when he defeated Michael Brook by 6 and 5.

The lead then was US 12 Great Britain & Ireland 4 with only seven matches still on the course.

The only American to lose was Joel Kribel who fell to Steven Young while Jason Gore halved with Craig Watson.

The only success of the weekend for the Great Britain & Ireland team was 17 year-old Justin Rose who contributed 2 points to the team total of 6. It was the older and more experienced who failed the team. Barclay Howard, 45, lost all three of his matches, Gary Wolstenholme, who defeated Tiger Woods in 1995 was 1 - 3 and Graham Rankin 0 - 2 giving them a combined contribution of just one point with eight against.

Sunday Afternoon results - Singles

Steven Young G.B. & I defeated Joel Kribel US 2 and 1
Craig Watson G.B. & I halved Jason Gore US halved
Justin Rose G.B. & I lost to Jerry Courville US 3 and 2
Keith Nolan G.B. & I lost to Brad Elder US 2 and 1
Michael Brook G.B. & I lost to John Harris US 6 and 5
David Park G.B. & I lost to Buddy Marucci US 4 and 3
Gary Wolstenholme G.B. & I lost to Duke Delcher US 2 and 1
Richard Coughlan G.B. & I lost to Steve Scott US 2 and 1

Points: Great Britain & Ireland 1 United States 6

Total: Great Britain & Ireland 6 United States 18