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Golf News: - Posted 21st May 1998

British journalist scoops the big one

Ascot, Berkshire - A British golfing journalist lived one of those moments that sports writers only dream of on Wednesday when he holed in one to win a Lamborghini sports car worth around 200,000   ($326,000).

Derek Lawrenson, the Sunday Telegraph newspaper's correspondent, holed in one in a pro-am tournament at Mill Rise Golf Club near Ascot while partnered by England footballers Paul Ince and Steve McManaman.

The three iron shot at the 175-yard par three 15th hole brought the 38-year-old the big prize.

"I jumped into the air before Paul and Steve jumped on me," he reported in Thursday's Daily Telegraph. "You'd have thought I'd scored the winning goal at Wembley."

Acceptance of the car or a cash equivalent would however cause Lawrenson to lose his amateur status.

The decision appeared considerably easier than the shot. "I just have to accept," the Guardian quoted him as saying.

"No one could afford to turn that kind of money down. If it had been a car worth say, 15,000, then I might have thought about it because at the age of 38 I've got a long time playing golf ahead of me.

"But we are talking family security for the rest of my life and that must be worth more than any monthly medal."