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Golf News: - Posted 21st January 1998

Four holes-in-one in a day at St Ives

Bingley, Yorkshire- There could be several years before there's another hole-in-one at the St. Ives Golf Club, a small public course in Bingley, Yorkshire.

That's because four golfers within hours of each other while playing in a fourball competition last weekend each got aces, sending club members to the record books and friends to pour the drinks.

First, Andrew Morris got his on the 188-yard, 10th hole, and treated members to a whiskey. Shortly after that, Ron Anderton got one on the 163-yard, fourth hole.

Another round of drinks.

Then Colin Bastow and former club president John Whalley walked in and reported they had holes-in-one on No. 4.

"I was shocked to get a hole-in-one," said Bastow. "But a little astounded to find out others had done it. It's some coincidence."

It was the first hole-in-one for each of the four.

Members at the club said the only similar reference they could find in the record books was in Dublin, during a fourball event in 1987 when each of the four par-3 holes were aced. But they missed the 1989 U.S. Open at Oak Hill in Rochester, New York when in the second round, there were four holes-in-one at the sixth hole within an hour and a half. First to ace the 167-yard hole was Doug Weaver in the first group of the morning. Six groups later, Mark Wiebe scored an ace on the same hole. Two groups later it was Jerry Pate's turn to record an ace and then Nick Price in the group immediately behind Pate's group followed in with his own ace.