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Golf News: - Posted 28th May 1998

World Congress of Golf expects 350 delegates

St. Andrews, Scotland - The World Scientific Congress of Golf is taking place from 20th -24th  July 1998 at the University of St Andrews. This will attract over 350 international delegates.

The purpose of the Congress is to bring together scientists, coaches, manufacturers and players to communicate their ideas and exchange information on a diverse range of subjects related to golf.

The Golf Course, Equipment and The Golfer are all themes that are covered in the 93 papers that are being presented. "How do metal woods work?" "What do U.S. PGA Pro's think about that makes them so good at putting?" "Do titanium core golf balls fly further?" "How do I teach and develop the Junior Golfer?" and "Are soft spikes better for greens?" are just some of the questions that will be answered.

In addition to these presentations there will be interactive workshop sessions, where delegates can participate in debate regarding various topics. These include:

* Do you feel that the older you get the better you were? Ageing and golf will be on the agenda summarising the decline in physical abilities as we get older and the impact this has on our golf.

* If golf hurts you, does it have to hurt? The concept of golf injuries such as back problems and their prevention will be examined.

* Golf and its movement into the millennium in terms of facilities, research and development will also be addressed.

* What changes do golf administrators and facilities have to make to encourage fast, friendly and family golf?

* Does golf have to be so expensive? Are there cheaper ways of designing and constructing golf courses?

A panel of experts in the area will head all these workshops and give us sensible, solid scientific information to help answer these questions.

An Exhibition of golf products will also be held in conjunction with the congress thus giving golf companies the opportunity to promote their wares to the delegates.

The full Congress fee is 250 (student 70) per delegate or day registration of 70 (student 30).Accommodation can be booked at the University of St Andrews by phone to +44 (0) 1334 472299 or email: 100675,

Supported by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and the United States Golf Association it is hoped that the Congress will provide practical solutions to issues faced by the game as a whole as we move into the next millennium. Further details can be obtained by accessing the official website at