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Golf News: - Posted 25th March 1998

MacGregor contract for Olazabal

Ponte Vedra, Florida - The MacGregor Golf Co. today announced the signing of José Maria Olazábal, the 1994 U.S. Masters winner and five-time European Ryder Cup star, to a five-year player/endorser contract.

William Marsh, MacGregor Golf president/CEO, called the signing of Olazábal, winner of the1998 Dubai Classic in February, "a signature moment in the history of MacGregor Golf that brings a golfer of championship mettle, both in play and personality, to a tradition-infused company that is focused on crafting the finest golf clubs in the world."

For Olazábal, the multi-year contract with MacGregor Golf, which takes effect immediately, represents the 32-year-old Spaniard's first endorsement pact with a U.S. club manufacturer. Terms were not disclosed. MacGregor was one of four U.S. and foreign club manufacturers courting Olazábal.

Olazábal will play the same MacGregor irons -- Tourney® Forged Personals and Progressive Musclebacks -- he used to win February's Dubai Desert Classic, then shoot four more sub-par rounds the next week at Qatar.

"Quality and tradition attracted me to this company," Olazábal said. "Those qualities were evident in the people and the values of MacGregor, as well as in the clubs that its craftsmen have provided for me."

MacGregor has manufactured legendary golf equipment since 1897.