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Golf News (posted 21st August 1998)

Arnold Palmer to undergo radiation treatments

Associated Press

Twenty months after successful prostate cancer surgery, Arnold Palmer plans to undergo a seven-week series of follow-up radiation treatments.

The golf star, who will turn 69 on 10th September, will begin daily treatments 31st August at Latrobe Area Hospital, near his Pennsylvania home, Doc Giffin, a spokesman for Palmer, said Thursday.

"Naturally, I'm disappointed to have to forego my business trips and tournament play, but I certainly do what my doctors tell me now so that I can get back to all my normal activities as soon as possible,'' Palmer said.

"Besides, it will give me the opportunity to concentrate on the writing of my memoirs, something my normal schedule makes rather difficult.''

Palmer underwent surgery in January 1997 at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. He returned to competition less than two months later.

"We are proceeding with this follow-up radiation therapy because blood studies have indicated that there probably is some residual microscopic disease existing,'' said Dr. J. Robert Mazero, Palmer's personal physician. "There is nothing visible to the naked eye, but through a consensus of experts we have agreed that this plan will prevent future trouble.

"This follows what was obviously very successful surgery and is not surprising nor out the ordinary in such cases. Arnold will not be incapacitated in any way, but the daily treatments will prevent him from extensive travel during that period.''

Palmer is scheduled to team with Peter Jacobsen on Monday and Tuesday in the Fred Meyer Challenge at Portland, Ore., and also plans to attend a golf course opening in Oregon before beginning the treatments.