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Golfer gets two aces in a round

A hole-in-one is remarkable enough. Two in one round is extraordinary.

Neil Bartholomew, a 3-handicapper who plays out of Holden Hills Country Club, did just that Sunday, acing two holes in the same round of the Harold Krause Memorial Tournament at Heritage Country Club.

Using an 8-iron, he scored his first career ace on the 165-yard 13th hole. Three holes and less than an hour later, he grabbed his second with a 7-iron on the 175-yard 16th hole.

"I don't know if I'll ever come down from this," Bartholomew, 42, told the Telegram & Gazette of Worcester. "I've had shots inside of 2 inches, shots hanging on the hole. I've been very close a lot of times, so many times that I thought it would never happen."

On the 13th hole, his shot landed 2 feet in front of the hole, took two hops and rolled in.

Instead of pocketing the ball for posterity's sake, he continued to play it.

On the 16th, the shot landed and rolled toward the hole.

"It looked like it was just hanging on the edge," Bartholomew said. "After a second or two delay, it fell in. We just went crazy."

After the second hole-in-one, he took the ball out of play.

He won a set of clubs for the first ace, and $250 in merchandise from a local pro shop for the second.

Even with the two aces, however, Bartholomew didn't win the tournament. His play didn't make up for that of his three teammates, said Shane Bacigalupo, a member of that team and one of the tournament organizers.

Richie Powers, a co-owner of the course who has worked there since 1964, estimated that five or six holes-in-one are made at the course each year.

As far as two aces in one round were concerned, Powers said: "I know we never had it happen here before."