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Callaway axe John Daly over drink and gambling issues

John Daly has lost his multi-million dollar endorsement deal with Callaway Golf Company after declining to undergo further treatment for alcohol and gambling problems, the company announced on Wednesday.

Daly recently breached provisions in his contract requiring that he not consume alcoholic beverages or engage in any gambling activity, a company spokesman said.

When Daly declined to submit himself, at the company's expense, to further alcohol and gambling rehabilitation, Callaway exercised its right to terminate the endorsement deal, the spokesman added.

Daly, 33, was not immediately available for comment.

"We care a great deal for John as a person, a golfer and a friend, and we are grateful for the period of time he successfully supported the company and its products as a member of our Professional Staff," Ely Callaway, founder and Chairman of Callaway Golf, said in a statement.

"Regrettably, we cannot continue to have John as a company representative when he is not prepared to take the future steps that we and our expert advisors feel are necessary to deal with the alcohol and gambling problems facing him."

Financial terms of Daly's contract, which ran through 2001, were not disclosed.