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James hints at Garcia Ryder Cup selection

European Ryder Cup captain Mark James said on Thursday the selection of 19-year-old Sergio Garcia for Brookline later in the year remained a distinct possibility.

"I don't see it as a problem. I would tend to pick people on how good they are at the time, on how ready they are. It's all about how they'll perform in the Ryder Cup team that week - how they will cope in a high-pressure situation. It's not a question of how old or young they are," James said.

"It's also very important to pick people who can become part of the team. These 12 guys have to get on together and they have to be ready to play together."

Jose Maria Olazabal cautioned on Wednesday against rushing Garcia into the cauldron of the Ryder Cup.

The twice U.S. Masters champion said it would be difficult for Garcia to play himself into the team on the basis of just seven European Tour appearances this year.

But the Spaniard did not rule out the possibility of Garcia winning a tournament or two to make the team for Brookline entirely on merit.

"If he manages to win a couple of tournaments in Europe this year, that would be lovely. But it would be a bonus," said Olazabal.

James said he was appy with the development of his likely Ryder Cup team, with more than half the qualifying tournaments now finished.

"I think it's shaping well. The first six guys (on the Ryder Cup standings) are in very, very good shape to get in and I'd expect them to make it.

"Then there are a heck a lot of players fighting for the next four spots. That's good beause it means that whoever gets those spots are going to have played well between now and the middle of August.

"I would like, not necessarily rookies, but some younger players because a mix is nice."